Max Payne A Cold Day In Hell Chapter 2 Family Troubles
  • At The Start After Getting Under Shipping Container You Turn Left Do You Get To Go Over The Bridge? Because Person Says Raise The Bridge...and For The Life Of Me I Cant Get Across!!!!! Please Can You Help
  • What Max Payne game are you stuck on, jaril...?
  • It's the original, Rob.

    You'll have to head down the row of containers to find the way to lower the bridge. You'll hear a thug talking from within a blue/ green container- he'll open the door and come out for you to take care of. Explore the small room, which contains a few interesting items, including a briefcase full of money, a piece of paper with the word "Mayor" written on it, and a new weapon - the sniper rifle. There's also a pain killer if needed.

    Follow the row and take a right turn to find a small barge you can use to cross to the other side of the area. You'll see an enemy walking away from you (not very bright, is he?) so take him out as you see fit. This will alert another enemy, which you will have to take out as well.

    When you get to the other side you'll find all of the doors are locked, keeping you from going further. But, there is also a large truck with the wheeks chocked to keep it from rolling. Use the beretta to shoot out the chock- the truck will roll down and hit the bridge, lowering it.
  • Jaril, I was never fast enough to dispose of anyone who was responsible for raising bridge, so I became stuck just like you. Follow Staff's instructions and find the place where you can shoot the truck chocks. But before you shoot take a good look around. You may find a gate lock you can shoot for loot, and prepare for battle. Good hunting and save your painkillers
  • Outstanding, thank you