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    I picked up Demon's Soul the other day, and all I can say is "WOW!"

    The game play is excellent, but be warned, this is one tough game. Not difficult..tough in every sense of the word. You will need a lot of patience and determination when you sit down to play this game. This game is not for the casual player...not to say one has to be "hardcore" to play it by any means, but do not expect to just sit down for a quick 10 minute round or two. This game is complex, involved and one that will require some time to progress in.

    Graphics are exceptional and the storyline is equally impressive.

    If you enjoy RPG's as well as a challenge, I would highly recommend adding Demon's Soul to your library of games.
  • Nice one Wade, been looking for an RPG to tide me over until FFXIII.

    Been playing Rogue Galaxy (PS2)lately, missed it 1st time round.