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    [drupal=388]Growing Up[/drupal]

    So I thought that I had basically done all my growing up at my last school, Mount SAC. I'm approaching the close of my first quarter at UC Riverside and have come to the conclusion that I'm still growing up. I mean, yeah, I'm not exactly young anymore....but when I was a child I was convinced once you hit about twenty years old...you've grown up officially. Not true. Not even true in the slightest.
  • I suppose this realization is maybe just me growing up, yeah?

    Sounds like it, but keep your chin up as it really does get better with time. Like anything else, once you learn how to manage aspects of life (budgets, responsibilities, priorities, etc); you will soon be like the rest of us old farts and be thankful you aren't foot-loose and fancy free anymore.

    Being young and free was fun, but being older is great!
  • growing up... cool