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  • Well put it this way. We need a new tv at home so when my mum mentions it I keep telling her we should get a HDTV.

    Personally I'd love a Sony Bravia to go with my PS3, when it comes next March, but not completely fussed about make.
    I would definitely make sure the tv was capable of outputting 1080p.

    I mean if it can't then what's the point getting a HDTV that can't output 'true' HD.

    So I give the technology a definite *thumbs up* :D
  • I already have one. I don't know how to use the HD mode though, lol.

    I tried using the HD cables for my xbox, but it didn't work right so I returned them.
  • My option isn't really in there. I've got a functioning TV and as long as it is working I won't rush off to buy a HD TV. When the old set gives up I'll probably look into buying a HD-TV. Not that I'm that that impressed with the high definition I usually have snot and yoghurt smeared all over the TV set anyhow.

    So I'll vote, I'll buy one when the old set brakes down, but only because it seems to be the new standard.

    If the word got out that 3-D TV was on the brim of being introduced I'd much rather wait for one of those.
  • Well if we're kind of making up technology (not completely I know, but imagining technology was really advanced) then I'd say VR Technology. Imagine you put on a pair of glasses and get so emersed in what you're watching or playing that you actually 'become' a character in the film or game.
    Now THAT would be cool! :D
  • Well, I saw a 1080p 50" Samsung the other day for $1800, and I do need a new tv, so I'm thinking about picking that up when I get the money. Thankfully it only takes a couple paychecks nowadays.
  • I already have my HDTV with an HDMI port ready and waiting for a PlayStation 3 (which was one of the reasons I bought it in the first place). All I'll have to do now is be able to find a PlayStation 3! :redface:
  • Well the only purpose i'd have to buy one is to hook it up to my console/computer. WoW and PS3 of course (though Burning Crusade will probably make me lag horribly and so i won't get to put the res on high)
    There's nothing quite like casting a Shadowbolt and seeing it blow something up on the big screen =P
  • Jason F Staff said:
    I would definitely make sure the tv was capable of outputting 1080p.

    I mean if it can't then what's the point getting a HDTV that can't output 'true' HD.

    So I give the technology a definite *thumbs up* :D

    I have a Sony HS52 projector that does not output in 1080p, it may or may not output in 1080i mode either, as I cannot remember the exact specs. But it really does not matter, because of the 20 or so HD channels I receive from DirecTV, only 3-4 stations in my location broadcast HDTV signal in 1080p mode anyways. So for pure HDTV's sake, 1080 might be overkill. However, if I wanted to play games in HD then the 1080p HDTV would be the only way to go.
  • While I'm just entering the HD world and I love watching football and playing games in HD (at my friends house - he owns a 360 and a PS3) I don't think HD is as perfect yet. One of my biggest (humble) gripes is that most HD set's are large and make regular 480i broadcasts look terrible. I moved from a 36" 480i to a 52" 1080i and HD stuff looks great but standard 480i stuff looks absolutely horrible (so much so that I'll go up to my bedroom to watch standard view broadcast on the old 36").

    When someone can make a big set that does well displaying 480i or when many more networks broadcast in HD we'll be closer to HD perfection.

    My 2 cents. Uh - Can I have'm back

  • JUST WANTED TO HELP SOME OF YOU OUT FIRST OFF THE MAIN REASON HDTV was created was because a large set can't give a good picture in 480i think of it like pixels large area few pixels grainy picture no detail.

    Also i have been in the HD game for 3.5 years i have a 1080i set with component input only, here's the deal no one is broadcasting in 1080p yet i was told it would be years before 1080p would be a standard we are just starting to see this, 1080p is HD-DVD and blu-ray and some HD cameras.

    Also 1080p has the same amount of information in the picture as
    1080i it all has to do with scaling 3:2 pull down repeat a frame 3 times then 2 times because true HD is 1080/24 frames per second (movies) so source to input must be 1080p to be true hd 1920 x 1080 or what hd was ment to be from the start.
  • so when sony comes out with hd games, are they cost any more than the regular games?
  • the-man-overboard said:
    so when sony comes out with hd games, are they cost any more than the regular games?

    *going to*

    but nevermind now anyway, im getting a raise :D
  • hello I have hdtv model KDF-50WE655 and south wind that the colors do not see very showy can help me
  • Well, I have the PS3 and a new HDTV but unfortunately no HDMI cables as of yet. A certain unnamed game store wants $70 for them and wifey put the kabosh on that idea. She did however find some on E-Bay for $10 plus shipping that she says are made for the PS3. She said the cables were a 19 pin configuration as opposed to an 18 pin which means nothing to me. I just pray they work for my current setup. I'll let you guys know how it works once they get here. HOPEFULLY tomorrow !!!
  • There is a big push to stop people charging stupid amounts of money for HDMI cables, it has been proven that the performance of the cheaper and more expensive cables is identical, just make sure you get one that is HDMI version 1.3 compatible and you wont have any problems.

    1.3 has a higher data rate, therefore the cable need to manufactured to higher tolerances.

    All of the Sony HDMI cables are 1.3 and quite cheap too.
  • LYNDON do you have a ps3 cause you sure know a lot about it and the problems
  • Dancer, I've been a proud owner of the 20 GB version of the PlayStation 3 since the launch date in November 2006. As for my knowledge of the problems, that comes from reading about it- whether it be news items, forum postings, magazines- I keep an eye on news and notes about it from various sources along with personal experience. If you own one yourself (which i know you do from past dealings) it's best that you try doing the same so that maybe you can help yourself and others when need be.

    If I'm going to be answering questions about it in the game help sections I better know what I am talking about, don't you think? ;)
  • Definately HDTV is a must, especially with the PS3. Although not all games are strictly HD, motorstorm and GTHD on a 40" screen are mindblowing.
    Blu-Ray films are the mutz nutz

  • Finally got my cables, and am quite happy. All is now good in the world. Still have as yet to watch a blue-ray movie with it but I'm certain it will be worth it. Also made sure that the TV was 1080, wanted all the bang I could get for by buck.
  • ;) I love playstation 3 very because it looks like real
  • My question is i have an hd tv but do i need to play hd games????
  • I would recommend it. The HD games are going to look amazing on your hdtv. If you have regular versions the game will be the same, but just won't look as good.
  • Yep- if you have the ability you owe it to yourself to get the best quality possible for your gaming. I have a feeling once you have a look at one of your games at hi-def you won't want to go back. B)
  • Get the LG 26LC55 it is cheap and fully HD. i have seen the max price of it at
  • I purchased my first HDTV Labor Day weekend. CompUSA was having a sale on a Samsung 40" LCD HDTV. I would recommend it to anyone. People have been over to my house who had bought 42" plasmas a couple months before and were amazed at the picture. As for playing video games on it?? I will never go back to regular tv's again. I have the PS3 and cable box hooked up via HDMI (3 inputs). No dead pixels, no problems. If you dont have an HDTV and are playing games on a regular tv......you dont know what you are missing.
  • Theres also a HDTV called visio I think thats how you spell it...There the cheapest I've come across...And the have the HDMI hook up...The 42'' is about $745 dollars...As far as picture quality... My brother owns one and the picture to be honest is better then the 42'' HDTV I bought for almost double that price...
  • i only payed £400 for my HDTV with 2 hdmi outputs and was the best £400 i spent, ffilms and games are just superb quality. all i need now is GT5 :D
  • Just make sure you do the research before buying. Read the reviews. You really cant go wrong if you look into it before forking over the bucks. Some have more problems than others such as dead pixels or the (rare now days).....image burn.
  • look at digital direct not allowed to type in the web address but google it also letshaveit that a uk address aswell and also halfmania wich is an unbeleivable theres a jvc 1080p 42 inch 5 year warranty on dig direct for 700.00 now thats a deel oh yeah !
  • have a look at digital direct JVC 42 inch 1080p 5 year warranty 700.00
  • i was nagging the wife about getting a HDTV for the sole purpose of playing the PS3 on it but she said they were to expensive,and she's right plus there was nothig wrong with the telly we had.............until a problem happend with it :confused: so then we had to get another telly,so out popped my check book and hay presto ive got what i wanted a 26in panasonic and the PS3 looks great next to it got the HDMI cables as well bit expensive but hay whats the point in having the telly with out the leads,the only thing is now the wife thinks ive poured something down the back of the other one :confused:.HDTV WITH PS3 ROCKS.:D
  • it does in deed though at first it tokk time to notice but i began too see the many little differances, i watch planet earth in hd and that looked amazing completley differant to the normal tv version.
  • Bought the Sony 52" before Christmas Bravira 1080p, Ordered my PS 3 from Amazon last week with a delivery tomorrow The Most reasonable I found
    $499. no shipping or tax. Will post when all is up and going.
    Glad I found this thread Thank's to ALL
  • thats why where here mate happy gaming "one for all and all for one" as they say.
  • Anyways, I have a Bravia 32" 1080i screen. I read about the 'need' for changing to a 1080p. From what I read, the size of my screen and the distance between the tv and the seating place is good for the specs I have.

    For now I dont think i will go for a 1080p. Anyways most games are on 720p really and i will be using that mostly. I will try some films on 1080i and 720p and will try determine the difference my self. Will post again when I get more info.

    Also, as far as i know, games at the moment are comig out only on 720p. So i am planning to use the 720p setting on my ps3 and might try films on 1080i or 720p. Will check what looks better.

    I also read (not sure if true or false) that some tvs that should support 1080p are still not 100% clear about it. Like some won't accept the setting.

    Anyway, read up before buying anything to save some money. I will post more info when i compare better 720p with 1080i.
  • I just merged a couple of your posts together. Dont believe there was any need to post 4 messages, all saying the same thing...;)

    As for a Bravia 1080i tv, they are quality tv's and i wouldnt see the need to change if i were you. As you said most games display in 720p, and the picture quality is fantastic. I certainly have no problem playing my games in 720p for the moment.

    I can tell you now the difference between 720p and 1080i. 720p displays a smoother image, perfect for fast moving images, and at a very high quality. 1080i is for more static images, therefore not always perfect for games, it displays pictures at a little higher quality, but when the images are fast moving the picture can be completely ruined. Therefore, i recommend 720p for gaming in particular.
  • Rob,

    I am completely impressed by your response. I thought i was the only one that noticed that. There are plenty out there that disagree even with me actually showing them on my Samsung 42". Wow...you just made my day man. Oh....I just want to toss in a congrats on making the STAFF.

  • Nec said:

    I am completely impressed by your response. I thought i was the only one that noticed that. There are plenty out there that disagree even with me actually showing them on my Samsung 42". Wow...you just made my day man. Oh....I just want to toss in a congrats on making the STAFF.


    *Takes a Bow*

    Why, Thankyou Nec.:D
    Yeah, some people just wont listen and learn, ey..:rolleyes:. Keep on enjoying your Samsung 42', Samsung are one of the best HDTV Brands around in my opinion...Mine is perfect...:D

    Thankyou, its great to be part of the team..:D
  • Well I heard that Sony owns Samsung now OR vice versa (im not sure)
    Anyways I have a 42" Samsung series 6 hooked up wih my PS3 (HDMI) :p
    BTW forgot to tell you its in my room, im the youngest teenager in the family and I have the best TV in the house Yippeeeeeee :)
  • I bought an HD when Sky first offered HD TV and got a box as soon as they were available. I think it was for the last Football World Cup.

    I love watching football on HD as well as programmes like Planet Earth, Wid China etc.
  • I bought a Vizio for $500.00 a couple of months ago at walmart and I love it.
    I have not gotten use to playing the games on it yet. There is a huge difference between the old tv and the new hd when playing the games.
    Its so much nicer to have. I say its very well worth it. julie
  • Well, just like always i am late to the HDTV party.

    Anyways, i have just ordered an LG 32" LCD, 1080P, supports 24FPS (more for futurre blu-rays), 3 HDMI, 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio and 4 in built speakers.

    I have paid the massive price of
  • hd plus ps3 best combo add internet access and thats all you need in this world thats a fact.
  • By the way, have had the TV for almost 3 weeks now, AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe the difference in picture quality.

    Literally days before i got my beautiful 1080P TV, i worked out ow to connect my DVi only tv to playstation 3. It only supports 576P but the difference was unbelievable!!!!!!

    If you are thinking of HD TV or not, GO FOR IT.

    As is said the TV cost me just short of
  • We have had one of our HDTV's for about 3 years, the other for about a year, and love both of them...and naturally I have a PS3 hooked up to each (no use wasting them, is there).

    Anyway, I too am so hugely impressed with the quality of the picture, both in game playing and movies, it is hard to believe that there really is that much of a difference; and I wouldn't go back now for anything.

    Our TV's are:

    Living Room: Sony Grand WEGA - KDS-55A2020 - 55" (1080p/1080i)
    Bedroom: Sony Grand WEGA - KDF-46E2000- 42" (720)
  • Those are some BIG TV's there Wade, thinking of upgrading the living room to 42" and moving the 32" to bedroom.

    Will let you know outcome.
  • hey, i been doing some research on what hd screen to bu which can match my ps3 and came upon an article that said

    " As a general guideline, if you are getting a HDTV set which is less than 42 inch, you won't be able to notice the resolution difference between a HD Ready set vs a Full HD set. Thus, you will be able to get almost the same visual enjoyment at a lower budget if you buy a HD Ready HDTV (720p) instead.

    so i think if you on less than 42 inches its best you save your money with the hd ready

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