Rapala Pro Fishing
  • I just recently purchased a PS2 and the Rapala pro fishing game.So much info is NOT in the book !
    Can't seem to get off of the Muskie Hunt section.
    ANY help greatly appreciated.
    YOU are welcome to email me direct at [email]tp123@webtv.net....as[/email] I'm not even sure how to get back to "here".

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi there, welcome to Absolute Playstation !

    here are some tips for the muskie hunt section of Rapala Pro Fishing on the playstation 2

    For the "muskie hunt" you want deep water and use the largest rattlin rap firetigrer or blackhead fire tiger. You will probably have a hard time keeping the smallies off but when you hook that 45 lb. muskie, cutting the line on a few smallies wont be a problem. The skitter walk also works well for the muskie. Try using the super shad rap too.
  • I have no trouble hooking the fish....but they either throw the hook or break the line before getting them in !
    Very frustrating....need some help on this.Does anyone know any "short-cuts"??????
    This is my fist Playstation2 game. Hope it isn't my last.
  • Rapala Pro Fishing on the PS2 is very well known for being tricky. Try these tips:

    Try changing your line to a stronger one (4 lb to 20 lb)

    Set your drag to three. When the drag tab goes all the way to the left, you have to set a higher drag to pick up the line's slack.

    Forget watching the tension meter and instead watch what the line is doing. If it goes slack, increase the drag quickly then lessen it once the line is tight.

    The official support page for the PlayStation 2 version of Rapal Pro Fishing is at:
    Activision Value - Support

    Best of Luck !
  • Many thanks for our replies...Will TRY one mre time !
  • HELP......HELP !

    If ANYONE really knows this game,I need help.

    PLEASE write to me direct @ [email]tp123@webtv.net[/email]

    I'm still stuck at the Musky Hunt ....can't get them in......keeps saying "fish threw the hook".

    TRIED the suggestions listed......NO HELP....still the same.

    Please help me if you know this game.

  • Try contacting the people who made the game Sand Grain Studios:

    Sand Grain Studios - Games Development

    You can email their support team at:


    Please come back and let us know what the problems was, as it will help other gamers who are as furstrated with Rapala Pro Fishing as you.

    Best of luck

  • Jim:
    Thanks so much for the info about the "drag"...it took me a while to get on to it but IT WORKED.
    I got out of the Muskie screen.
    Now,I'm "stuck" in the "Grayling Search".Have played through it 4 times now and haven't even "seen" a Grayling.I guess that's why they call it a Search!
    Any suggestions are appreciated. The guide says"try a countdown"....I try the countdown and he says"I think that lure is too small". The countdown only comes in one size...to my knowledge.
    Where should I try to find the Grayling ?
    It's taken a while to understand this game...but it is really fun.....as well as frustrating !

    Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks for allthe hep so far ! Am progressing through the screens,but am having trouble with the Crappie fishing at Sam Rayburn.
    I get a bite and try to hook the fish and it says"Take up the slack before you set the hook"...and the fish is GONE !
    I've tried increasing the drag....didn't work.I tried just reeling as fast as possible....doesn't work.

    Any suggestions???

  • Am at the last screen now !!

    This game is tons of fun but can be frstrating at times.
    I just"Stuck With it"......and.I learned how to play it........with a little help about the Drag. Very important.
    Thanks Staff.
  • HELP ME !!

    i need help with the grayling tournament what lure should i use everyone i use its only rainbows i catch :( can someone recommend a lure and a spot so i can advance to the next tournament :)
  • According to the pros that catch the real thing, 1" to 1.5" Spoons work best. happen to have that in your tackle?
  • PLease Help!!! I have been on the Muskie hunt for 3 weeks. I catch 5 fish everytime and the biting stops. Can someone give me any advice; this is very frustrating and it's not fun anymore.
  • The Muskie Hunt tourney on normal is rediculous AND unrealistic. You will need to constantly adjust your drag to land the fish with any control. Activision should have added a faster reel speed instead.

    That said, try moving tention to 4 (and rarely 5) when the fish start swimming toward the boat inside of 50 feet, where your line usually falls slack. Then move back to 3 when the line gets tight again. Don't listen to what the guide says on how to fight the Muskie. Try to keep the fish on one side of the boat so when it makes it's run to the boat you have a much higher chance of landing it when it gets close. As far as location and lure choice I just pulled up to the 3 post marker that is close to your start location and throw toward the house to start with and then left of the house, right of the house and repeat in no certain order. When a Muskie "looks" at your lure slow down your retrieve. Also, they will bite at a higher chance when your lure is 35' or closer to the boat. They will actually bite better AFTER they look at it if you just bump the retrieve (one tick of the reel). After you have 3-4 fish in the boat pull toward the house about 1/3 of the way and repeat the same casts as before. I used the S Shad Rap (Super Shad Rap) Redhead the entire time, 20 lb test finesse and medium 9'6" tournament rod. The Muskie will only bite from 1:12 to 0:50 so if you don't have 6 by then start over.

    When I figured out the system I actually caught 8 in the time limit. Just remember to land the fish as soon as possible so try to figure out how to keep it on one side of the boat and be ready for when it runs to the boat. Sometimes when it is very close (within 10 or less feet) bump the drag back up to 4 and it will give you the added pull you need to get it in. Hope this helps!

  • Woodchuckwood definately has the best advice I've seen anywhere but here's the thing that's buggin me. Catchign smaller muskies. I used to have a way to catch smaller ones as well, ones closer to shore that were just about 20lbs and let's say you get 4 big ones and ya hit that 50min mark (which is a pretty good estimate of when the big ones stop), I'd still be able to pick up another two and have even caught one at the 5 min till end. Does anyone know how to catch smalll muskies near shore.

    BTW: I live in northern wisconsin and also fish musky IRL. I prefer to row troll with a single knocker in a crank bait or a large inline spinner in a dark color. Smaller blades than double cowgirls, they ride to hide in the water when trolling. I also cast big hunks of plastic toward the shore for smaller ones... more action but not the size. You can get down on me for going after small ones, but 10lb test on a bass rod catching 30"s is more difficult than the 45"s using 50lb braid on a heavy pole. Way more fun.