playstation network
  • my ps3 wont sign in. the ip address and internet connection are fine but the playstaton network fails the test. how do i fix it
  • You don't. :p

    It has been my experience that, if the PS3 recognizes the IP and internet connection, but not the PS Network, it is usually due to an issue on their end.

    As long as you haven't made some changes to your set-up that would warrant this type of "failure", just wait it out and see if you can log-in at a later time.
  • I logged in fine yesterday, but today every time I've tried to sign in with my own or my brothers id I get the following error ''an error has occured. You have been signed out of Playstation network. (8001050F).''
    It recognises my ip, ive changed passwords, turned my dsl modem off then on but still the above.
  • I have the same problem as of yesterday. When I try to sign in it fails and says "An error has occurred. You have been signed off of PSN. (8001050F)"

    I Went onto Playstation homepage and they have a post explaining that there is a bug affecting older ps3 models, not slim. They also said it affects offline game play along with the new "Heavy Rain", which I experienced with the message "Registration of the trophy info could not be completed. The game will quit."

    This is entirely on their end, as they have admitted, and is described as a worldwide PSN meltdown. :o Now we wait.
  • I've seen that too. Problem is I bought my 60gig from Dubai and Sony Pakistan wont honor the warranty unless bought from them. :-(
  • mine doin the same google it it tells ya. i nearly smashed the effin thing but lucky i never what i want to know is how does this problem have an error code if they claim to not no what it is. some one i know reckons psn are doing it to make people buy the slip ones coz conveniently there not playing up. ive had faith in sony playstation ever since they brought out ps1 i hope this aint true. X BOX are laughin at us sony we cant have that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • why my time sayin 12 58 its 9 at night is there website messed up aswell??
  • and another thing how come ps only bring out certain games like for eg saints row 2 u cant get the 1st one on ps and its a continuin story and is gta the new one ever comin out on ps3 lemme know asap plz