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  • hi there, my son bought valhalla knights yesterday and gets to a certain door in the game and the psp shuts down. It doesn't do it on any other games. The psp is only 2 weeks old. Thanks...
  • I think you may have come across a bad disc of the game- I can't see any reason for this to be happening. If you can, go back to where the disc was purchased and try exchanging for another copy (being defective they will do it).
  • I'm frustated as I don't know what to do in game, I start in dungeon only to find myself lost, and the I don't get the quests.:mellow:
  • i need help on the quest "the best ingredients" in the past. i'm not sure how to get the frog i'm also not sure if i posted this in the right spot so i posted another one sorry
  • I cant seem to find anything that could help you with that quest, cpt bizzitch. The only thing i could suggest is buying a strategy guide for the game off the internet, as these will probably have the information you need.
  • thanks rob but i was playing the game last night and i found what i was looking for thanks again cpt bizzitch:D
  • :laugh: Thats ok, i'm glad you've got it sorted. Being stuck on the game forever is the last thing we would have wanted....;)
  • Hello!
    I have a good Network for contact, and sure I have the game,
    and my friend have it too,:) but when we contact searching for join game for play it can't find my friend player:confused: , I wonder why?!:(

    I hope to give me the answer.

  • Are you both together when you're trying to play, not connecting online...? If so, you are doing this via Ad Hoc mode, not Infrastructure mode, correct?

    Have you both turned on the WLAN switch on your PSP's, before trying to connect...?
  • Hello! Rob C STAFF

    Yes we are togather connecting online

    and about WLAN it's ON and use Ad Hoc mode nad make it automatic.
    Is it good when I use automatic ?

    note I use the connecting for other games and it's work! like
    "Guilty Gear Judgement"
    but "Valhalla Knights" not yet ?!!

    I have question, Do anyone who played befor had connecting and then worked ?

    I hope to find problem . .

    Good luck
  • Yes, automatic should be fine. Is there any kind of error code/ message that comes up when you can't connect...? If so, could you tell me what it says.

    As for the game it should work via Ad Hoc mode, as the game supports offline versus multiplayer. It's just getting the systems to connect right that can be the problem.
  • I find the problem !!

    it's not problem really but I don't know how to use connect for two players!
    my friend and I was used "join game" the same choice! and this is wrong,
    the correct is one of us choice "join game" and the other use the choice that give him the levels " Easy, Normal, Hard .

    finally it work and correct !!
    Thanks for your interest for my questions.

    Good luck
  • Hi, I'm quite new in Valhalla knight I'm wondering how do i pump the stats for theif is dex = the dmg for theif or is it str ?
  • Erm, sorry let me rephrase my question.

    I'm wondering how should i pump my stats for my theif (She uses bow and arrow)

    Does Dex = Dmg or Str = dmg for this game ?

    Thanks =D
  • For all characters, the damage would be measured with the Strength. Dexterity would boost how well the character does with their particular abilities.
  • Oh I see thanks alot =D
  • I cannot figure out how to get the 3rd portal activated in the prison. Can ya help?