Games don't working
  • i'm having problems with my PS2: games that i always played are not working now! what can i do?? PS: i've tested these games in my friend's console and it worked :(
  • That should tell you the problem is the console, not the games. If you have one of the older "phat" models pick up a CD/ DVD lens cleaning kit (found just about any department store) and try that in the system. If one of the newer slim models take a q-tip and use that to give the lens a gentle wipe around to get the dirt from it. You may want to also have a very slight bit of rubbing alcohol on there (barely daub the q-tip as too much of the alcohol can damage the electronics inside).
  • well, i've already done it, but the problem persists...
  • Then I'm afraid the disc reader in your PS2 may well be toast, Atsix. The choices would be contacting Sony to have them repair it or spend a bit more cash for a replacement system.
  • Hi,I am from Malta and I have a pal version of the ps2 console.When I buy new ps2 games from Uk,they take so long to be read from the ps2,and I need to refresh the ps2 many many times till the ps2 reads the game.Can someone give me an advice how to solve this problem please?

    thanks very much! hope someone will reply with some help :)
  • The problem is your system's disc drive laser starting to die on you. Only options are to look into local repairs or contact Sony at the support number for your region.
  • Ok Thankyou very much! Is the laser expensive to buy?:confused:

  • I think its better if I buy a new one lol!