lenged of dragoon issue
  • when outside bale on the main map where the yellow bird shows up everytime i go to attact most of the time my charaters miss the attact. is there a way to get a round this. because after they miss so many attacks the bird runs away. i have also tried to use the signet stone and that prevents it from running for three turns but thats when my charaters go to atact and it says miss. it is very frustrating.
  • If this yellow bird is the Fire Bird you actually do not fight it just outside Bale. This battle is to take place at the end of Volcano Villude.
  • no im talking about the yellow bird the the flame bird and yes the yellow bird is outside bale its the bird that only takes 1 dmg every attack up to 4 to kill it and you gain no exp but gain 300g each time you kill it.again the yellow bird outside bale
  • After checking out another walkthrough for this one I was able to find some information. Don't bother using Attract. Just use normal attacks as well as the signet stone. It only has 4 HP so with it stuck in place it should be an easy win.
  • thanks for the info however that info is what i already new. my issue with it is my charaters hardly ever connect with an attack. when they go to strike the bird it most always says miss. and this is with useing the signet. so after many attemps to strike it while it was signet and the constant misses the signet then wheres off and the dang bird runs away. so again my question is there a way to prevent them from keep missing.
  • From what bit I have been seeing this yellow bird should be a cakewalk compared to some of the others you'll find. For now all I can maybe suggest is change up your gear a bit for speed (it may be dodging your attacks because they are slow). Other than that there isn't any other info to find.
  • thanks for the help