DNS error (80710102) help..
  • hi guys (and girls)

    if you could help me out a little i much apreciate it.
    it says DNS error (80710102) every time i go to sighn in and has done so since yesterday i've left my ps3 off overnight praying for the best but no, lucks against me and still pops up with the anoying DNS error (80710102),

    im not giving up... i dont understand what is the problem and there for need help. a.s.a.p please people.

    many thanks, your friend
  • have you tried rebooting your router?
  • After doing a hard reset of your router as suggested above (which means switch off the router at the mains socket for 5 mins and then switch it on again - do not just switch the router power switch off)

    Next option is to manually enter your DNS (NameServer) server addresses manually in the PS3 network settings. You will be able to see these values when you log into your router. The trick is to swap over the primary and secondary nameserver numbers you get from the router in your PS3 settings; as it looks like your primary nameserver is currently experiencing problems.

    Your final and most risky option is to go to your router manufacturers support website site and check you have the latest firmware for your version of your router and if not update it. I say 'risky' because I have locked up my router before doing this.

    Best of luck, let us know how you are getting on.

  • yes i've tried rebooting it, about 100000000 times lol
  • ok thanks guys.. :)
  • how do i find out my
    primary DNS
    secondary DNS?
    its says
    IP ADRESS: conected
    still no luck guys..

    keep the help coming :)
  • by the way guys im using a belkin
    wireless router. if that helps. ?
  • what i meen too say is how do i log onto my router ?

    DNS error (WIRELESS) - PlayStation.com Forums

    is this a good way to help me ?
  • you log into a Belkin router by typing the following into the address bar of your internet browser (internet explorer/firefox):

    You will get a password screen. Enter the routers username and password... if you dont know it, then you need to contact Belkin support.

    Once you are in, you can see the nameserver IP addresses, they will look like: 226.821.116.414 (4 sets of numbers separated by a dot).
  • MYMAN_LAKER said:
    what i meen too say is how do i log onto my router ?

    DNS error (WIRELESS) - PlayStation.com Forums

    is this a good way to help me ?

    I just tried this method on my Windows 7 PC and the nameserver address shown was not correct, so try the above method I showed you in the post above.
  • :o ok then i'll try that..
    i'll get back too you after to let you no how things are working out for me.. is there a helpline i could ring too make life a bit easier... im not the good with computers type of guy,

    wish i was..
    thanks again. Laker
  • for the internet adress you gave me, above it came up with this

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

    Most likely causes:
    You are not connected to the Internet.
    The website is encountering problems.
    There might be a typing error in the address.

    What you can try:
    Diagnose Connection Problems

    More information

    This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

    Internet connectivity has been lost.
    The website is temporarily unavailable.
    The Domain Name Server (DNS) is not reachable.
    The Domain Name Server (DNS) does not have a listing for the website's domain.
    If this is an HTTPS (secure) address, click Tools, click Internet Options, click Advanced, and check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section.

    For offline users

    You can still view subscribed feeds and some recently viewed webpages.
    To view subscribed feeds

    Click the Favorites Center button , click Feeds, and then click the feed you want to view.

    To view recently visited webpages (might not work on all pages)

    Click Tools , and then click Work Offline.
    Click the Favorites Center button , click History, and then click the page you want to view.
  • hmm... now what ?
  • here is a list of belkin support phone numbers:

    Country Phone Number
    Argentina 800 222 0147
    Australia 1800 235 546
    Austria 0820 200 766
    Belgium 070 70 00 73
    Chile 123 00208354
    China 800 819 0159
    Czech Republic 239 000 406
    Denmark 70 122 403
    Finland 972 519123
    France 0825 540 026
    Germany 0180 5005709
    Greece 00800 44142390
    Hong Kong 30021318
    Hungary 17774906
    Iceland 800 8534
    India 000 800 440 1406
    Ireland 0818 55 5006
    Israel 1809449592
    Italy 0269 430 251
    Japan 0120 532372
    Luxembourg 342 080 85 60
    Malaysia 1800 812 076
    Mexico 00 866 231 0370
    Netherlands 0900 0400790
    New Zealand 0800 235 546
    Norway 815 00 287
    Philippines 1800 144 10282
    Poland 800 4411737
    Portugal 707 200 676
    Russia (Moscow) 580 9541
    Singapore 1800 622 1130
    South Africa 0800 991521
    Saudi Arabia 8008441372
    South Korea 00798 8521 9469
    Spain 902 02 43 66
    Sweden 0771 400453
    Switzerland 0848 000 219
    Taiwan 00801 85 5962
    United Arab Emirates 80004411368
    UK 0845 607 7787
    USA 800 223 5546
  • asif im from japan lol... ok i'll try this number and get back too you..

    yet again, many thanks for your continuous help.
  • im going too leave it for tonight. its getting late.
    and after a long day of trying to resolve this dns error (80710102):mad: along with you and your teams help;) .
    i think its best i wait until tomorrow. lets pray for the best aii ? :mellow:
  • Laker, have a look in the top thread of this particular section. You'll find a link in there to Port Forward, a site that guides on setting up the port forwarding for just about every router in existence. Follow that link and click on the model of router you have then click on "PlayStation Network" in the list. The first thing it will show is how to log in.

    That particular error usually means the PS3 can't find the DNS Servers. Once you can get into the router and find those numbers edit them into your PS3's settings (along with the router's IP address and subnet mask).
  • thanks for all of help guys..

    im going too advise this site too al my lil ps3 friends. you realy have helped. Alot,
    i've managed too fix the problem. it was an error with my dns primary and secondary. sorted it now anyway guys (and girls?)

    add me on my PSN account if you like. my online name is

    thankyou for all your help and support, realy do apreciate it. :) :) :)

    your thankfuly Laker.
  • "yours thankfully Laker" <-- gramma error.. :)