Someone please help?
  • :frown:

    Ok so about 9:00 PM PST last night i was playing on CoD MW2,
    All of a sudden the internet cuts out. So i go to connection test, it says there is no access point detected, Yet, while i'm doing this, i'm on my laptop with wireless internet from the modem that my ps3 should be picking up.
    Does anyone have any help for me?
    Please =[
  • There is a chance that someone else switched on another computer (or any other device that accesses the internet) and your router gave it the same IP (network) address as your PS3, which would instantly make it invisible and block it on your network.

    I had a Belkin modem router that did this every now and again.

    If you pull out the power supply from both your PS3 and your router... leave them off for 5 mins then reconnect, you should be fine. BUT you must leave them both with no power connected for 5 mins.