Identification of an old PS1 game!
  • Hi... I just joined the forum & I was wondering if you could help me out by recognizing an old game? :)

    Um the things i remember from the game was that it was a fighting game, I´m sure it´s not Tekken because in this game the map was kind of larger & you could move to every direction & even jump on houses/buildings or take cover behind them and stuff.
    Yeah well.. some of the characters I remember was this one girl who had blonde hair, and was dressed in a pink arabic princess dress, well it looked like it.. & by her side she always had this yellow ballon..The characters in this game had different powers, & the girl with the yellow ballon had this power that.. If you press X: she shoots the control X, & press O: she shoots circles that hunts after the enemy.. & the triangle button & etc..

    & if that isn´t enoough.. I remember 2 more characters... one had the power to shoot ice-shards/icicles, at you. & then there was this girl who kind of looked a bit masculin & was dressed in a red robe.

    I would really appreciate it if you could try to help me haha ´cause I´ve been looking for this game for a long time & it brings back so many memories.. xD

    So yeah.. Thanks in advance!
  • This sounds a bit like Battle Arena Toshiden...