• What headset should i get for my ps3? Should i wait for an official headset to come out? If i do how long will it be until it comes out?
  • Word from Sony is they won't be putting out a headset themselves anytime soon as most others can do so better and cheaper than they could.

    Most bluetooth headsets will work fine. The Motorola H350 and H500 are two of the more common models. I have the Plantronics Voyager 510. It works well also. Of course, any USB headset will work if you don't mind the cable.
  • thankyou very much
  • Lyndon M,

    So from what I understand do you not recommend the Datel wired headset? Is a bluetooth headset the better option? I was about to buy the the Datel just because of the cost, and also I wouldn't have to charge the headset.
  • Any USB headset would do the job- if going that route i would suggest the Logitech PS2 headset as it is licensed by Sony. datel's stuff is a bit flaky at times quality wise.

    Myself, I prefer to not be tethered to the console by the cable and prefer the bluetooth route. The charge in them lasts for a good deal of time and can be charged overnight when not gaming when need be. It isn't that big of an ordeal, really.
  • So if I understand you right, the cable for a wired headset must plug into the PS3 console itself, or does it plug into the controller (like the XBOX 360)? If it does plug into the console itself, I am definatley getting the bluetooth headset.

    One more question, it it better to stand your PS3 vertically or horizontally? Does one position create better air circulation? I have put mine vertically because I noticed that all the electronic stores had theirs standing vertically.
  • That is correct, the cable plugs into the USB port on the console itself- there is no jack for a headset built into the PS3 controller. It is for this reason i suggest going with a bluetooth headset.

    As for console positioning, I think vertical is the better choice as well. The vent for the outgoing air is on the end of the console by the disc slot and having it vertical should help the warm air vent out of the PS3 a bit easier.
  • the normal bluetooth headset can not compatible with ps3,only the special one, it's design for ps3. there have some technical request on the headset.

    please refer to this one,
    Special Bluetooth Headset Design for PS3 - UT7710B | PS3 Bluetooth Headset| playstation 3 Bluetooth Headset | playstation 3 slim Bluetooth Headset
  • Martin, the regular bluetooth head piece as used for cell phones works just as well as that more expensive counterpart- no "special technical requests" required. Those are the headsets I was talking about back in 2007 when those were posted.