PS3 connection problem
  • I have a cable modem on a wireless network. I have the highest upload and download speed charter comm. provides. My internet connection is working great but my ps3 gaming connection is BAD! The picture dose framming, connection interruptions, kicks you out of the game. Is there a problem with the playstation network? I am located in Pasadena, Ca.
  • The problem is the wireless connection to your router. DEpending on distance you may want to try moving either the PS3 or the router so it's closer to the other or you could try going wired as an option (which is more consistent anyway).
  • O.K. a little help please what is the best way to connect my ps3 to my router w/o affecting my network. btw my ps3 is only 3 feet from my router :-)
    Thx in advance for your help. bighouse1234567