PS3 Internet problems :( I don't have a single clue what to do...
  • Hi,

    Since I have found this site I have hope again for my PS3.

    Well this is a long story, and I don't think that you are familiar with the problem(s). (That's why I'm here)

    Two weeks ago
    (You should be familiar with this one) Let's start that I had problems with the chat option a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't join a friend's chat, and he couldn't join my chat either (error code: 8002b711). But he didn't had that problem with his other friends, so it must be my problem somehow. I though: Well maybe tomorrow it will work again, so I will wait a day.

    (Same problem) I haven't started a chat the next day, and that for two weeks long. Until yesterday, my friend started a chat I joined and I was getting the same error code again. After that I searched on google what problem I had and how to solve it. I found out that I have to change some settings on my router, (!note that I have wired connection! so everything should have worked fine...) in example: enable you UPnP, which was disabled. I didn't knew how to do that so I decided to call my internet provider. I have called them two times, my first question was: 'How do I enable UPnP?' the guy answered: 'UPnP???????????' well I knew enough so I said bye and hang the phone.

    So I found where to manage my router's settings, I though: well that's good news! Then I had to provide my username+password, but it didn't work!! So I phoned my internet provider again... I explained my problem and asked why I didn't had access to my router's settings. The guy on the phone didn't see how I had that problem, he also gave me a alternative user name+password. I provided the user name+password, but it didn't work.... It was already late so I decided to get some sleep.

    Another day, another chance. I have phoned 3 times today (2 time to the internet provider and one time to Sony). First I tested if the PSN-chat worked, but it didn't worked again and I wasn't surprised. The first phone call today was with the internet provider, I asked the same question like the last time (why I didn't had access to my router settings), and I was glad that this guy told me more concerning the router's problem. He explained to use Internet Explorer instead FireFox, and it worked hurray!! I also explained my problem concerning the PS3, he gave me the advice to call Sony for that. Well there was something to be happy about, I have access to my router!

    I have called Sony, and it was quite a short conversation. I explained the problems which I was experiencing, and the guy from Sony said that it wasn't Sony's problem, you have to make sure that the PS3's IP adress is allowed on your router's settings said he said.

    Also the main problem was that UPnP wasn't available on my PS3(and obviously I couldn't chat without UPnP availability), and I couldn't find anywhere on my router's settings where to enable UPnP.

    So I called my internet provider again, and this time there was some smart guy on the phone (finally). I explained my problem, I also explained that I have wired connection. And because I have wired connection everything should be fine (which isn't). After a long conversation I still haven't learned something what would be useful.

    So I was looking on the internet again how to solve, and again without any

    I wasn't in the mood to make another phone call(s) again, so I decided to try things out on my router's settings. I remembered what the Sony guy told me: you have to make sure that the PS3's IP adress is allowed on your router's settings. I looked what IP adress my PS3 had, and I typed it in my router's settings. I wanted to check if I could chat, but my problem got even worse. After I have typed my IP adress in my router's settings I didn't had network connection on my PS3 at all (error code: 80710102). I tried everything to get connection again, I deleted my PS3's IP adress on my router's settings, it didn't work. I have restored my PS3 system, it didn't work. I also found how to solve this error, but again it didn't work.

    Now I don't have network connection on my PS3 I don't have a idea what to do now.

    Please help me.
  • Putting your PS3 into your routers DMZ should bypass the chat problem. A quick power cycle of your router would get your PS3's network up and running again like it was before your latest problem.

    To put your PS3 in the router's DMZ- You firstly need to assign your PS3 a static IP Address. Use something like and input this as your new IP Address in the PS3's network settings (none of your other settings need change from before).

    Now, on your PC access your routers configuration page and look for any mention of 'DMZ'. Once you find it, it should ask you to input the IP Address of the 'DMZ Host'. This should be the static IP Address you should have assigned your PS3 already, as i mentioned above. Click save (or apply) and turn off everything in your home network for a minute or two. Then fire everything up again, then attempt to connect to the PSN again on your PS3. Everything should run smoothly with this and then try and join a chat room- which should also be successful.

    Good luck...;)
  • Thanks,

    I have internet connection on my PS3 again, but I still have to fix that chat problem. I am not sure if I have the DMZ option, at least I can't find it. It looks like I have to call my internet provider again.
  • A fix for the chat problem may be to go into the Port Forwarding section of the router. This site has the instructions on how this is done for a wide variety of routers- no doubt yours is there too. The ports that the PlayStation Network needs are:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    Give that a go and see if that works.
  • I haven't found my router on the list, I have the Orange Livebox. But I have found a site which explains that I have to make that DMZ option on my self. I will try that out tommorow, and I will say if it works or not.
  • Oh, the Orange Livebox changes things. I'm not sure if you can put your PS3 into a DMZ with the Orange Livebox. Port Forwarding would be your best option from here.
  • I have done that port forwarding thing, but UPnP is still not available. Does that mean that I will still have problems with the chat? I'm sorry I can't test it right now, because none of my friends is online at the moment.

    My nickname on PSN is glebbie1 if someone wants to test.
  • It works! Thanks a lot guys, I am sure that I would not come so far without your help. Thanks again.
  • Hello,

    I have Discovered one more problem. I can chat properly with my friends except of one. He can also chat with his friends but he can't chat with me.

    Do you know a solution to this?
  • having same problem but im not sure i know to do the stuff liste
  • i cant figure out why but i just kept trying and it got fixed by itself:)