Cant get on PSN tried almost everything
  • I restarted my router and modem. I connected my ps3 to my modem and manually put in ip address, default router, and dns. It still says unable to connect to internet but my ip address succeeded. Can anyone help me get on PSN.

    I can connect my laptop and modem with no problem
  • As I explained before, Legendary, grab the MAC address from your PS3 in its System Settings then set up a custom IP address for it in the router. Then, along with the other settings (router IP, DNS servers, etc.), add this into the PS3's settings- don't put ion the same IP address as the modem would give your PC or laptop. Then do the port forwarding as we have listed in the PS3 Console and Accessory section.
  • I tried to do that didnt work. I connected my modem to ps3 and reset my settings and put the ip address, dns servers etc. It still dosent work
  • Legendary, go back to using the router and get the needed settings out of it as well as setting up the custom IP address for the PS3 in there. After that and the port forwarding you should be getting online.
  • I just finish trying what u said but it didnt work. i cant even get on my internet on my laptop with my router plug up
  • In that case you have something completely messed up on your router. Would be best to completely re-do the set up on it and try again.

    If going to go straight from the modem, though, leave things at "easy" for the PS3's settings and power down the modem when you swap the ethernet cable.
  • Tried that a couple of days ago. do u think i should get a new router
  • That may be the best option. I suggest going with D-Link or Linksys for brands.