PS3 no internet connection
  • OKay first time posting so be gentle.
    Facts first. I have time warner cable. I dont have a a router but i have a wireless thing from time warner that has a cable plugged into it. From there an ethernet cable goes to my computer. Other then that no others wires going out. My ps3 gets the connection wirelessly. So now the fun part. I cannot connect to the psn. I cant even view the browser either. I have tried resetting my router unplugging it for an hour i have reset my ps3 to default settings. I have entered the numbers manually and so on and so forth. U know the rest. Still no luck connecting. I figured take it to my girls place and see if it works there. She also has twc. Sure enough the ps3 connnects and works flawlessly. Now my question can i use her dns numbers in place of the ones that are always been said to work. Im assuming somewhere in my computer its blocking the ps3 but cannot find out why. Any help is appreciated.
  • no one knows? .
  • You say at first you don't have a wireless router but then later you say you reset your router. You're being a bit confusing here, unless the time warner box has a router built in. ;) Are you sure you aren't maybe picking up someone else's router for that wireless signal?
  • Okay i figured i would confuse someone with that. Sorry okay lemme explain A cable wire plugs into the back of a box that comes from the cable plug from the wall. then from that box an ethernet cable goes to my computer. Now that box has a antenna. That is where i get my signal from. No other boxes , no linksystem router or netgear nothing. And im sure im not picking up someone elses wireless signal as i have had to reset my connection more then once. I can obtain my ip address but when it goes to internet connection it says failed. I have tried everything from resetting default settings in the ps3 to manually entering all the info off my computer. Duno how else to go about it.
  • Ok- the "box" is a modem and router in one.

    First, I would say to go into the PS3's Settings menu and go down to System Settings, then System Information. Write down the MAC Address for the PS3 in there. You'll then go on the computer and into the routing settings of the Time/Warner box. In here you will want to do a few things- use that MAC Address to set up a reserved IP address specifically for the PS3, grab the DNS numbers found in the status/ connection area and set up port forwarding (all of the numbers for this are in the "Getting Your PS3 Online- Some Tips" thread near the top of this section).

    Once this is done you should have no problems editing the PS3's connection to add the router IP address, the address you set up for the PS3 and those DNS server numbers.

    You should be able to find the manual for "the box" by doing a quick search for the brand/ model, which should be printed right on it. Without knowing this myself I wouldn't be able to guide through where to click/ type.
  • okay i have typed my ip address from command promp into the web browser and it nevers pulls up the page for the router. Im not sure how to access my router settings on my computer.
  • Paul, you don't use the command prompt to get to the router settings- you type the IP address of the router into the address bar of your web browser (at least, that's how it works with most). You would then log in using the information given with the instructions. It's possible that, this being an all in one box provided by the Time Warner, you may need to check with them about what the user name/ password combination would be.
  • Yea i called time warner and the guy gave me a huge hassel. HE gave me the ip address and told me to connect through the ps3 automatically. I told him it wouldnt let me connect and he told me that was all he could do and to contact sony with my problem. I explained to him it wasnt the ps3 but the router and he said it wasnt and he couldnt help me any further. then i asked for the user name and password and he said they couldnt provide me with the info and would have to send out a tech. I told him to just forget about it. do you think if i swapp my router/modem for a new one that will fix the problem.
  • You could try asking them if they have a modem-only box they could give that doesn't have a router in it. If so, then you could get your own router to use for sharing the internet and adjusting settings. That would likely be the only solution as the router in your current modem would have the ports PSN needs closed, making it impossible to get online through it without adjusting things (something they don't seem to grasp).

    Other solution- change internet providers to someone that will be more friendly toward their customers! ;)
  • yea no joke. guy was a real a. . i let em have it when they asked for my opinion on the satisfaction survey. Either way im gunna take my router/modem to tw and swap it and see if that works. And if not i might either run the route off getting a new router/offbrand With a new modem. If i got any more problems i let u know. Thanks lyndon
  • ended up gettin a router only way to fix it. just a quick update