What Do You Like To Eat On Your Pizza?
  • I am having pizza right now and I wondered what others like to have on their pizza. I like to have just about anything but anchovies. My favorite combination is extra cheese, bacon, and onions.
  • If you must know,
    for me the regular pepperoni and cheese is what i like to eat on pizza.
    I dont have a specific.
  • I love black olives on my pizza!!!!!!
  • i like to eat all the stuff you put on a pizza
  • Here it goes:
    1. cheese and pepporina
    2. chesse,pepperonia, olives
    3. chesse, and bacon
    4.cheese and sauasage
    5. cheese , sausage, pepperoni
    6. cheese, bacon,sausage
    7.cheese, bacon,sausage,olives
    9.cheese and onions
    10. cheese and pine apple
    all that and include sauce!!!
  • My sister works at Pizza Hut so I can create my own a lot.

    My current favourite is

    Pan base
    BBQ Sauce
    Extra Cheese

    I call it the Meat Explosion and it tastes damm good!! and does wonders for my chorlestoral and waif like figure.
  • i put any kinda meat on my pizza........no veggies for me!! Veggies have no business on pizzas or sandwhiches!!! :angry:
  • I usually make my own at home I was given a book a few years back Gourmet pizza's made at home, wonderful little pizza recepie book. I usually just include some cheese lots of herbs and spices in the crust, some grilled turkey, ham, mushrooms, jalapenoes, a few onions and eat with ranch. I've gone as far as to use ranch for the sauce and I dont really recommend that w/out severe cases of the munchies :rolleyes:
  • Peperoni and Extra-Cheese!!! MMMMMM Pizza (Homer the simpsons) :D
  • Sausage, Extra Cheese, and Black Olive is the best!
  • Wow, I can not nail down something specific, anything goes for me. My fav is my homemade crab pizza. That is some good chewin'. :D
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm pepperoni pizza!!!
  • Mmmmmmmm..... now you guys are making me hungry!! <_< <br />
    I like mostly veggie pizzas. (who said veggies don't belong on pizza!?!?) My favourite is with a 'white' sauce of Creamy Italian dressing, then LOTS of spinach, tomatos, fresh mushrooms, black olives, onions, green onions, red/yellow/green bell peppers, and (did I mention?) LOTS of spinach!! Oh, and mozzarela (somehow I just can't seem to spell that one right!) and sharp cheddar and feta cheeses!! On occasion I like to toss a bit of chicken on there too. Now there is some goooooooood eatin'!!! But, if I don't have all that, anything except anchovies on a pizza is alright with me. Don't like those little fishes, too salty!!
  • i like stuffed Crust Pepperoni pizza hmmmm i'm hungry!!!
  • Cheese only. Nothing else. I know it's kinda plain but I like it better.
  • Basically I just love a $hitload of meat on my pizza! Hey SpeedDemon, careful eating pizza around the comp. if that crap gets caught in your keyboard you are $cr3wed!

    And DevilChild - Crab Pizza? What the hell?
  • Peperoni pizza!!!!!! All good

    (pootie tang)
  • I love anything on my pizza, but my favourite would have to be 4 cheese pizza! Now that is some cheesy, chewy eating...............
  • I have two favorites..and DC...that sounds awesome!

    -Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza..man i just had a slice not too long ago!

    -Mexican Pizza (pepperoncini's, jalepnos and spicy cheese) NOTE - only if you want to spend the rest of the night getting to know your TOILET!! :lol:
  • Just plain ol cheese nothing else on it
  • My favorite pizza would have to be Mushroom, Balck Olives, and Jalepeno Peppers. A very excellent pizza, as long as you aren't a meat fanatic and you like hot stuff!
  • My favourite toping would have to be extra dheese, ham & pineapple, I love it.
  • i like to get that boboli with the sause in it and get motzerella and chedar and colby,then pot bell peppers mushrooms peperoni, sausage ,canadian bakon( i cant spell)ant bake it in the oven then top it with cold sliced tomatoes...im talkin HUGE piza.
    then i have a piece then cover it and wait until tomorow then i pop in a piece every hour or so in the microwave and it tastes twice as good the next day.
  • I like extra cheese, pepperoni and anything spicy!
  • Everything, except anchovies, and vegatables. Mmmmmmm....pizza.... :blink:
  • Having read the Pokemon thread, I'd have to say a Pokemon topping ;) Seriously though I enjoy a all meat pizza
  • I love mushrooms, pineapple, extra cheese and corn!..oh no...I'm hungry again! :o
  • Mmmmmm......pizza......

    Whenever I order a pizza, my favorite type to order is a double-pepperoni with extra cheese & mushrooms!

    ....man......NOW I'm hungry!
  • I like my pizzas with extra sauce and just one topping, like ham or pepperoni- I'm a cheap b@stard I tell ya! I don't like mushrooms or black olives though, and never tried anchovies.

    When I used to deliver pizzas (way back when) barbecue beef was very popular among the redneck crowd:)
  • I just came across a realy yummy pizza last week........ well what kind of pizza cant be nice realy ?

    The flavour is Jalapino and black olive Yummmmmeeeeeeee . It's one of those that burns the cr@p out of you but you cant stop eating it.
  • What i eat on pizza?Humans!J/K I'd eat any kind of pizza as long as there's meat.
  • Ya, jalepeno and black olive IS pretty good, every time I've ever had that the jalepeno was so strong you could barely taste the black olive though...
  • I llllloooooovvvvve hawiian pizza :rolleyes: . it's got Double cheese and bacon and ham and and pineapples :D
  • Hmmm. What I like most on my Pizza? Lots of things. But my favorite combo is anchovies and bell pepper. Mmmmm-mmmm good!
  • All this pizza talk is making me hungry! :D I love Hawiian pizza too, with pineapple and ham, and i like to throw on some bacon, some mushrooms, and LOTS of cheese too!!

    mmmm.... that's finger lickin' good! :D
  • I was going to make a topic about this but after exploring a while, I found one that was already made. I like to have extra pepperoni and extra cheese.
  • I never met a pizza I didn't like. Seriously, if I'm hungry enough, I'll even eat those little salty shoestrings that I usually use for bait (anchovies). When I first saw them on a pizza, I thought pineapple chunks were appalling. Then I had a slice, and they aren't bad.
  • I will eat anything on my pizza really. I am not too fond of anchovies or sausage though. When i was a kid my father made us a hot dog pizza that wasn't too bad :D

  • Anything but fish.......icky!!It's not that I don't like fish, just not atop my pizza.

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