I can't connect to PSN.
  • I just got my PS3 yesterday and made my account and it worked just fine, but today it won't let me log back in. I have DSL and have to enter a name and password, but when I get to the end, it can't obtain my IP address and fails. If I click on Easy it will find my IP address ,but it can't connect to PSN because it doesn't have my password so I have to do manually, but then it can't find my IP address. Does anyone know what the problem is?
  • Is this a direct connection to the modem? If so I would definitely say get a router (either wired or wireless, your choice) and let it handle the log in to your ISP as well as handing out the IP address to anything connecting.
  • I have a router that is hooked up to the modem, and it works fine for my DS, 360, and Computer, and even for my PS3 yesterday, but now it keeps failing to obtain my IP address. Like I said, what confuses me is that it can find my IP address when I just click on the Easy search, but not on the manual one.
  • What you may want to do is give that router a power cycle then set up an IP address reserved for the PS3. With that done, put that in both the router's DMZ and the PS3's settings manually.
  • Can you explain that in simple terms, step by step? Sorry, I am pretty bad with all things computer.
  • Before trying anything else, just pull the power from the router for about 30 seconds or so. Then once it is up and running again fire up the PS3 and see if this helped.

    If you still can't get online go into the PS3's System Information (go to the Setting menu and down to System Settings to find it) and write down the MAC Address. You will then have to log into the router options on your computer and arrange a reserved IP address for the PS3. This is usually done somewhere in the Advanced area- if you aren't sure where to look check out the .pdf of the manual on the disc that came with it or the router maker's site.

    Once this is done look in the same Advanced section for DMZ- this is where you can put a specific address outside the router's protction. Enter in the PS3's address here and save the settings. With that done, go back on to the PS3 and edit the connection to include that same IP address (the PS3 sometimes needs a bit of help finding its info for this sort of thing).
  • Sorry if I am annoying but where can I even find my router options? I don't even know how to bring it up in the first place. I realized that I have been unplugging my Modem and not my router but it didn't really help to unplug the router. Also, how do I reserve an IP address? I don't have the disc that came with it and I wouldn't even know where to begin to find it on their site.

    Why did it work the first day just fine, and why does my 360 connect easily as well?
  • The log in to router settings is done in your web browser- the username/ password combo along with the IP address you type in to get to that log in is different from brand to brand. Your model number would be on the front or bottom of the router- you could then look up the .pdf manual on the manufacturer's web site to get all the guidance. Without knowing what router you have I can only give general guidance for after you do get logged in.
  • The router is a Linksys. What do you mean in the web browser? Like I actually go to their site to set up a reserved IP, or is it in my tools somewhere? Sorry, I am pretty bad with computers.
  • Most browsers use a web page- like interface for adjusting the setting in the router itself. Now, the IP address for most Linksys routers to get to this is . You would type this in the address bar of your web browser (firefox, internet explorer, chrome, etc.) to get there. It isn't actually online but in the router itself.

    You still didn't get the model nuimber- find this and then go to the Linksys site, you'll easily find the manual in their Support section.
  • Ok, the model number is WRT54GS, and I found it on their website, but even with a manual I will probably mess something up and block my computer from going on the Internet or something. Does knowing the model number give you a way to tell me a simple step by step instruction on what to click? Sorry if I am being annoying, its just that everytime I try to do something like this without someone giving me step by step instructions I mess something up that I can't fix.
  • Knowing the model number will let me look up the how-to and give you the step-by-step (which is all in that manual).

    First, getting into the router settings. In your web address bar of the browser (where you are seeing the web address of this thread right now) type in and hit Enter on the keyboard. This brings up a log in window- don't put anything in the "username" blank. Type "admin" (don't use the quotes) in the password blank and hit OK. You'll then see this:


    To set up a reserved or "static" IP address for the PS3 you will need its MAC Address, which I detailed in an above post where you can find it. Now, back onto the computer and in the router settings, you should see DHCP Server in the middle of the page (use the pic above for reference). Make sure Enabled is marked and hit the Static IP button beside it. This will bring up the following screen:


    In the first blank (Client Name) just put in "PlayStation 3" or whatever you like. Beside this in "Assign This IP", select the IP address you want to give. I suggest making this high enough in the list to avoid any possible conflicts- should do nicely. Move over to the next blank and put in the MAC Address of the PS3 and check the box beside it in the "Enabled" column. Click on the "Save Settings" button on the bottom. Congrats, you just reserved an IP address (not so hard, is it?).

    Now, with this address in here you can go back on to the PS3 and edit the network settings of the PS3. When you get to IP Address, choose manual and enter in the address you set aside.

    Now, if you go back to the main page of the router settings you'll see one of the top tabs says "Applications and Gaming". Click on this to find the DMZ. Just click on that in the menu running underneath the tabs and select "Enabled" then put in the last numbers of the reserved address for the PS3.


    That should do it for making the gaming as simple as possible. Your PS3 will now be outside the firewall of the router, making for no need to delve into port forwarding. You may need to give the router another power cycle to really make the settings take effect
  • Thank you for going to such trouble for me, but I don't have the static IP button next to the DHCP settings. This is exactly what my screen shows after entering into my address bar.

  • Ok, that's a bit unusual. You may want to contact Linksys' techies to find out why this is and where to go now to set this reserved IP address.
  • i can use the browser and every thing else, i can download stuff, but i cant sign in to psn. i go internet conection test and it says connection with playstation network timed out. help plx
  • Port forwarding is needed, L337. Check out the "getting Your PS3 Online" thread near the top of this section.
  • i looked at the user guide of my router 2wire 2701 HGV-E but just cant seem to figure the steps, help plz!
  • I have a BILLION 7404VNOX firewall router and my PS3 internet connected but couldn't sign in to the Playstation Network.
    Message was: " connection to the playstation network timed out "
    Eventually figured out that I needed to :
    1) On the PS3 Network Settings, manually configure a unique IP address for my PS3 (e.g. /
    The Default Router and DNS can be the same i.e. your Router's IP address (e.g. Billion router =
    2) From my PC get into my Router settings (e.g. Billion router =
    (a) In Advanced, Configuration, Firewall, Packet Filters set up the ports to exclude them from the firewall for the PS3 (e.g. / one entry for each of these:
    TCP: 80, 443, 5223
    UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658
    (b) In Advanced, Configuration, Virtual Server, Port Forwarding set up ports for the PS3
    One entry for each of these:
    TCP: 80, 443, 5223
    UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658
    Voila! all working fine after wasting 6 hours.
    To find out how to set up the Port Forwarding and Packet Filters for the PS3's IP address that you set up in your router, Google your Router's manual.