FIFA 2008 PS2 gaming issues
  • I am in my 3rd season with my latest profile on Management Mode. The game keeps freezing at the same place, this is when advancing from the newspaper report screen.

    Can you help?
  • The freeze being in that same spot every time makes me think you may want to try cleaning the disc- maybe the system is having problems reading the bit of data that contains that particular part.
  • I have cleaned my disc and tried another 2008 fifa disc (friends), the problem still exists.

  • It could be a glitch in the game or something like that, or it could be a problem with your console. For some reason it maybe can't access a certain part of the game...?

    Other than that, i can't think of any other possibilities...? Does your console freeze after a certain time peiod with any other game? And if you can. try the disc on your friends console and see if there is any problems. Hopefully we'll be able to highlight the problem soon enough...:)
  • I've a problem:
    See i've a ps2 fifa 08 game when i start the game it goes perfectly. No problem till yet.
    When the screen comes, where we have to press a botton to continue it hangs for a while then continue again. No problem till yet because it hangs just for 2-3 seconds i can say that because the music stops and no sound is also there.
    ok then...
    when i select every thing load the game, & when everything is done.
    then the problem comes...
    when the game loads for starting kick off (where tips and hints are written),
    then the game hangs for 10min and then starts again and I mean it 10min,
    then in the game when i score or my opp. does it hangs but not fully all players are moving but nothing is happing the game waits for loading the video in which the player taunts.
    but if i press start button the game continues.
    i've no problem here too but the problem is that i have wait 10min to play the match.
    i've tried 20 discs really same problem. I tried same discs on my friends consol but same problem. I tried cleaning my lens same problem. I tried cleaning disc same problem...:( :( :(
  • Sounds like the disk or your console is having problems loading the data off the disk. This would mean that either your disk is faulty, or there's a problem in a certain part of your console. Either one would mean either a replacement Fifa 08 or even a replacement PS2 if the problem still persists.

    You say you've tried 20 disks (is that 20 Fifa 08's or 20 other games?), and there is still a problem aswell as with your friends console? I think both of your PS2's must have some kind of internal problem, i would find it hard to believe that 20 disks all give you the same problem....?
    How can be my two friend's console be having same errors as mine?
    ya i've tried 20 disks of fifa 08 only!
    pls help me...
    even i had taken to a shop near my house to replace my lens as my ps2 is now 2yrs old giving no problems till last month! but he said that the lens is ok everything is fine.My disk is fine console is fine then what?
    i asked a ps2 ingeneer he said these days some new kind of ps2s are comming that can play some more kind of formats than before one's (I've the small one that slim) he said so these days some games are in those format not that old one.
    so is the problem with this?
    he played the same disk that I had taken from him in his new ps2!
    NOW WHAT? should I change my lens to that format (can it be) ???
    what should I do?
    every help would be appriciated greatly!!!
  • I don't think it would be any kind of Format issue ishandinho. Especially as you have a slimline PS2 (the newer version). I'm really confused about this one, you say that your PS2 and two of your friends PS2's have problems playing Fifa 08? If the Fifa 08's you are trying work fine in other PS2's (the PS2 engineers one?) then there must be a problem with all 3 of your PS2's or all '20 disks' must have some kind of fault with them....? My original belief would have been that you have a faulty Fifa 08.... Are all of these '20' Fifa 08's actual retail copies?
  • So yuo cannot help it now. :(
    ok never mind thnx for this much help...
    if you get any information about this, just let me know.
    :cool: ---ISHANDINHO---:cool:
  • I think you are using pirated copies of Fifa 08 aren't you Isadinho? That would explain the 'hanging' and the random freezing. As you said it can't be all 3 of you and your friends console's having the same problem, so it must be the copies of the game. If you are indeed using any pirated and/or illegal form of Fifa 08, then we definitely cannot help you! We have a strict anti-piracy policy here at Absolute PlayStation.

    And i am again not able to answer your question as downloading PS2 games from an illegal source is indeed Piracy. It's illegal and unfair to the publishers and the developers of the game Isadinho, please do not ask us for help with any such matter.
  • hey, im new to this so hope this hasnt been answered before, apologies if so :)
    but im on career mode and into the 2012-13 season, and ive got to the first week of the january transfer window. the game keeps freezing at the exact same point. (after the game and the accepted signings, and just before the offers for my players)
    whats causing this?
    and does the game 'run out' and any point? i seem to remember the old fifa only letting you manage for 10 seasons. but seems odd to expire it in the middle of a season.
    thanks in advance for any help
  • Another member had the exact same problem actually. Seems a little weird? I would say it's a glitch in the game. Try returning your current copy and exchanging it for a new copy of Fifa 08. That should work, and you can still carry on from your hard-earned save...;)

    The career mode may run out, but it would tell you at the end of the season. It's definitely not normal for it to keep freezing at the same point, so that is definitely not the problem. Please come back and tell us if getting a new copy does indeed work, or of course if it doesn't we will be glad to give you any further help...:)
  • hey
    had fifa a while so bit late to return! ended up buying a new one today, but still the exact same problem. even tried the new disk on a friends machine and it did it. very odd.
    any other suggestions?
  • Sounds like you've encountered a glitch in a batch of the Fifa's. If it's possible cancel all your transfers for the season, so you miss the part completely where it has been freezing and that may fix the problem.

    If not you may need to think about starting another profile on manager mode and doing it all again...:confused:
  • think i may be getting round it. ill explain but might get a bit complicated (!)
    i tried bidding for a player in the 1st week and it froze. so next time i didnt bid for anyone first week, and put 2 players up for sale (who then were sold), and it let me carry on to the next week, where i bidded for and bought a player and it didnt freeze. i then pushed my luck the next week and tried bidding for another player and it froze. so back to square one!
    v.odd cause im nowhere near my squad limit so cant have been wanting me to get rid before i bought i dont think.
    maybe it is just a dodgy bit of the game like you say. might just depend on luck whether it lets you carry on after bidding for players.
  • Definitely a glitch, i would avoid bidding for players when it freezes. If it freezes after you bid for a player, restart and get around it the way you did before and carry on the season. These things shouldn't happen but when they unfortunately do, those little techniques are the only way of getting around them i'm afraid...:rolleyes:
  • Dude I have the same problem..I borrowed fifa 09 from a friend so my brother started manager mode before me..and then I started one on his profile.
    So we have two manager modes running.
    When I was in my third season, the game was stuck in the manager mode central, the song froze and everything..I reset the console, tried other games and they're working. my brother is in his 4th season and is going fine, so i restarted
    i gave back the game and bought my own. my brother continued his manager mode and i started a new one. now im back to the third season and stuck at the first match!!! it doesn't move at all
  • I seem to have a problem exactly like those affectin the 08 version of this game. At the tips screen right before you go to kickoff, the PS2 sounds like it's processing data for the game but the TIPS screen just stays there. I've tried clening the disk and going to the old nintendo blowing inside the console bit but still no go. I bought this from a major retailer along with three other sports tiltles of the 09-10 editions of NBA LIve and MAdden and this one game is the only one with the issues. I've only been able to actually play a game once and even during game play as the "camera" pans through the stadium after scoring...the game freezes partially and then you continue playing. Will I ever be able to play this game like the way I paly an older version on my old xbox, without such hang ups?