Help! Sending system in; PSN issues
  • The PlayStation 3 that my family has was purchased by my dad, who doesn't really understand electronics. A long time ago we set up our PSN ID with his e-mail address. Now my PS3 is bonked -- not reading blu-rays or games, and the rest of the Internet advised I simply send it in and get Sony to replace it.

    I'm trying to follow the resetting instructions sent in the box we got to send back my old PS3, and I find the PSN ID that my dad signed up with isn't working! I have an e-mail and password combo written down when we set this up, but apparently that combo is "incorrect" and when I try to say "Forgot password" it says the data we've entered is invalid. I have a feeling he never bothered to open the confirmation e-mail from PSN when we first signed up, and I checked his e-mail for something like that and he either deleted it or never got one. It was over two years ago, so he doesn't remember anything like that...

    I made another PSN account via the Internet, but now I don't know how to make my user the master account on my PS3? At least, it is A master account, but it's not letting me delete my dad's user, which I have to do before I can send in the system for a new one -- I have to delete all the users, in fact. Can anyone help me? Do I actually NEED to delete all the users?
  • You can have multiple master users on a PS3. In order to delete a user you do need to be logged in as that user. Also, Sony doesn't do a confirmation e-mail bit for their PSN names- once you have signed up on the PS3 that's it.

    If you can't get the password reset to work on the PS3 I would suggest trying over on Sony's actual site- they use the same PSN log in for their official PlayStation site. Honestly, though, I have never heard of them saying you would need to wipe out every user on the system so i do not believe that is necessary.
  • Yeah, when I'm logged in as the user I still can't delete the user. And I can't log in online, either (the email and password combination aren't working at all, not just on the PS3...). Either way, I think I'm just going to follow the instructions as best I can without deleting all the users and send it in that way, and hopefully it'll be okay. Thanks for the response~