• Hi im new here but have been reading for a while. Ive been reading through threads and looking online but i still need help. Basically i havent used my ps3 for about a year. Ive gone to use it today and i cant get online. I use to have a netgear router but now i have a sky broadband router. My laptop and home computer both connect wirelessly but my ps3 wont. When i run a test is just times out sometimes i get error 801 summin others it just times out. It scans and find my home network ssid but nothing else. Ive tried doing it manually but it still doesnt work. I have no access to my router as we just plugged it in and connected to it with the wpa code. So what do i need to do? Is my ps3 broken? Ive tried manual and autmatic but nothing. Someone please help i really wanna get this sorted so i can get back to playing cod etc online... Many thnaks.
  • Because you have changed providers you will need to completely re-do your PS3's network settings using the numbers you'll find in the router for subnet mask, router IP adress and DNS servers along with re-entering the key you use for the WPA password.

    You'll most likely also need to re-do the port forwarding for the PS3 in this new router. I can't see why you would not have access to the settings in it unless Sky Broadband blocks this from you, in which case you may need to talk to them.
  • I just dont have a program on my home computer that says sky router etc...... I tried doing all that manually this morning mate but nothing, i did start accesories commad promtp and then ipconfig /all and it gave me all my info but it didnt work doing it manually im really stuck...
  • In most cases it doesn't show as a shortcut on the desktop- you use your web browser to access them by typing in the IP address for it. If you are unsure how this is done then it may be best to contact the customer service at Sky for extra help in how to get in there and make adjustments.
  • oh right so if i have main house computer i would type the ip address in the web search bar, ie 192..168.2.1 or summin like that just what ever my ip address is.
  • Exactly! :cool: Then just grab the numbers you need in the Status section to tweak on the PS3 and re-do the port forwarding in that section on the router.
  • Right ive now got acces to the numbers i need. its just an online page but i dont seem to be able to change anything, it says two ip adress one for lan and one for adsl i take it broadband is adsl?
    So my question is exactly what numbers and names do i need mate, just so i dont miss anything ip dns what else mate.. and how and what numbers do i need for port forwarding
  • The main numbers you will need is that IP address for the router along with the subnet mask and the DNS servers. You won't be changing any of these- you'll edit these into the PS3 itself in its connection settings.

    As for the ports you'll need, we have them listed in the thread pinned to the very top of this section. There is also a link in that thread that leads to a site that guides on where to go to enter the port forwarding section. Just don't follow all of their instructions for the port numbers as they miss several of them- use them for guidance on how to get there.
  • OK so for some reason ive just signed into ps network and im online, connection test works 100 percent and ive one nothign differnet lol thanks for the help