• Right so sorted my connectiong out now, my ex set up my ps3 when i wasnt it so to sign into the psn network ive got a sloppy email address can i change this also.. How do i know what my nickname is to tell ppl to add me as a friend etc.. Can this be changed aswell....
  • You can change your e-mail address in the Account management section of the menus on the PS3- you'll see this in the PlayStation network portion of the menu.

    As for your PSN name, that is the same as the user name that you set up on the system. Once signed up for PSN the name itself cannot be changed. Your name also shows in your own Friends list.
  • So my user name on my ps3 is danny ( under users on the ps3 menu) so should that be my psn id name for ppl to add me
  • That would wind up being your PSN name, yes. Like I mentioned, check your Friends menu and you'll see the psn name show there as well.
  • So i have two in my friends list and none of them are dan or danny. one is kirbzd8 and the other is kirbzkirby. So im confused is there anyway i can create a new user and then use a diff email address that ive already set up with psn to log in
  • Ok so im kind of happy. Ive created a new user on my ps3 and used the email and psn id i set up yesterday to log in... So all in cool. As the saved game data i had on my other user name none of the games could go online so its ok... On a diff note can i copy all that data to an external hard drive and then transfer it into the user account that im now happy with.
  • The very first name on your Friends list should be your own, with your friends being listed below your name.

    No problem with starting a whole new name on the system- you can have as many users on the system as needed. Just select "add user" in the Users menu, make the name whatever you want your PSN name to be and go through the PSN sign up again using a different e-mail addy.

    Quick tip- please do NOT put fake info in where it asks for your birthdate or answers to secret questions. I've seen way too may that have done this then forget their password- without being able to answer these if this happens you are stuck.
  • A regular USB thumb drive will suffice or a USB memory card reader with an SD card. Most games let you copy the save data to transfer over (some do have copy protection, though, nothing that can be done there).
  • Just managed to transfer most of my saved data with the copy button only thin i couldnt do was assassins creed 2 so im persuming it wont work with a memory stick either lol