Please identify /name these 2 games
  • So these games haunt me... like 5 years ago I started to think about old psx games for nostalgia reasons and for most I know the names now. But for these 2 I couldnt figure the names out nor find answers via google... So my last chance: Write in a board (what Im doing now) and if that doesnt work Check all PSX games from A to Z to see which ones they are.

    Heres the first one:
    Its a jump and run and if I remember right a pretty hard one. It has many stages (I think I remember that with random cheat codes I managed to get a stage over 100 so maybe unlimited random stages?)
    Anyways I dont remember much of this game. All I remember as a really blurry picture is this: The stage starts at the very left of the map, its a kind of desert map and there are vultures. And another picture: There are bonus stages inbetween where you collect stuff...
    And thats really all... What makes it even a bigger problem, I think this game is extremely unknown. Ive rented it back then, played a bit and gave it back. I think it was too hard to beat or something... My brother confirms that we had such a game rented back then, but he also doesnt know the name anymore (and he usually knows most of the game titles, maybe also since hes older than me, I was 8 or 9 back then). Also this proofs Im not hallucinating but that the game really exist. (The game is really not so popular and its not SkullMonkeys but when it comes to popularity those games should be on a same level)

    The second one:
    A tank game with a camera view from above: All I remember is that you can play somethign like a battle mode 2-player (maybe also against COMP) and in that mode you play with a tank and I think you can capture bases (Battlefield-Conquestmode-style) and then you get resources and with those you can build tanks (and turrets?) which are controlled by the AI.
    Now I dont remember much about the story mode, I thought you steer tanks as well there, but after googling a bit I found someone searching for a similar (maybe the same) game, where he said that in story mode you play as a red soldier... All I remember about story mode was this stage where I think there is a big mechanic door blocking your path at the beginning and you have to destroy it. Now I didnt own this game, it was in one of those demo discs (I live in germany). Last time I checked all demo discs I had but couldnt find this game any more. A friend of mine confirms that we played the game against each other in that tank mode confirming that the game exists and is not a dream.
    Now let me say a few things: the game im searching is not Return Fire, Wargames: Defcon 1, Battlezone or Uprising X.
    Camera is definetly from above, its not 1st person and I think not 3rd person as well. bird perspective.

    Please please please if you know any game simmilar to the games above (or at least one) please post your ideas...
    I know that my description for the first game isnt really detailled but I dont remember much more...
  • Okay I found them! via Wikipedia... Im so happy now.

    The first one (jump