Questions on swapping PS3 HDDs and saving my data
  • My PS3 YLOD'ed on me earlier today, I will mourn its passing. :crybaby: My dilemma is that I don't have a vaguely recent backup and I'm not entirely sure how to retain my saved data. I want to replace the HDD in my new 160GB Slim (I'm replacing the HDD with my old 320GB aftermarket drive at some point no matter what), but I don't want to lose the hundreds of hours I've invested. If I just swap the drives, it will reformat it and lose my data. What is the best way to go about saving my saves? Would attaching it to my PC as an external HDD, copying the data to a USB drive, then copying that back to my PS3 work? Or am I simply screwed? If anyone has some advise, I would greatly appreciate it. I am willing to spend a few bucks on any necessary hardware/tools to rectify this situation. Thanks!
  • The majority of your saves you would be able to copy over on to a USB thumb drive (some games copy protect their saves, no way around that). Just make sure you are able to get into the menus to de-activate the system so that it comes off your tally (Sony allows 5 systems active on your PSN name).
  • The old PS3 which the 320GB HDD was in doesn't turn on anymore, so I can't deactivate my system or just copy the saves without connecting it to something else. If I set the drive up as an external to my new PS3, it will try to reformat it, correct? Can I set it up as an external drive to my PC and copy the saves from there? Thanks for the help!
  • In that case Sony would be able to remove the activation on their end, you'll just need to request that when speaking with customer service.

    If you put the drive into your computer it most likely will want to format it. What i would suggest instead is pick up an external drive casing for 2.5" hard drives (these are found in stores like Best Buy, CompUSA, Staples/ Business Depot, etc.) and put the drive in it. Then just plug into either computer or PS3 and copy the saves over. (may work best plugging into the replacement PS3).
  • Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.
  • ****. Apparently, if your PS3 crashes, you'll never be able to get your data off your HDD. Ever. Tried setting it up as an external drive on both my PC and PS3, wasn't recognized. It appears the source of the issue is the drive is formatted in the semi-proprietary JFS (IIRC) format, which can't be recognized or read by any other system I'm aware of, and an external drive has to be FAT32. Goodbye 1000+ hours of save data. Oh well, thanks for the help.