PS3 Wireless Connection Difficulties
  • Hi, we just purchased a PS3 and have had difficulty in establishing a wireless connection. I keep getting the message that the connection has timed out.

    I've read some the prior posts to no avail. We have an Apple Time Capsule and I have power cycled the Time Capsule and Cable router. The WPA code is correctly entered. I have tried entering some of the custom fields, such as the IP address.

    I just retired our Wii that had no such problems with wireless connections.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Phil
  • I honestly don't know much regarding the Time Capsule's functionality and you are the first to post writing about using one. I would suggest maybe setting up a guest access for the PS3 that won't need the password- if I'm reading things correctly these guest hookups can go with no encryption if you choose.

    Here's a bit I grabbed from the Time Capsule set up guide:

    Allowing Wireless Clients to Access Your Network Without
    Entering a Password
    If your network is password-protected using WPA Personal or WPA/WPA2 Personal, you
    can provide wireless clients access to your network without requiring them to enter the
    network password.
    When you allow a client access to your network, the client’s name and wireless MAC
    address (or AirPort ID) are stored in the access control list of AirPort Utility until you
    remove the client from the list. You can also provide 24 hours of access, after which
    time the client will no longer be able to access your network.
    When you give a client access to your wireless network, the client doesn’t need to enter
    the network password.
    To allow a client to access your network without entering the network password:
    1 Open AirPort Utility, select your Time Capsule, and then choose Manual Setup from the
    Base Station menu. Enter the password if necessary.
    2 Choose Add Wireless Clients from the Base Station menu.
    3 Select how you want the client to access the network:
    Â Select PIN to enter the eight-digit number provided by the client requesting network
    Â Select “First attempt” to allow network access to the first client attempting to join the
    While the Time Capsule waits for a client to join the network, the LED glows blue.
  • Lyndon,

    I appreciate your quick reply. I'll give it a try through the Time Capsule settings to avoid the WPA/WPA2 encryption.

    Thanks! Phil