PS2 PS1 Steering Wheel
  • I have a ps1 mad catz digital/analog steering wheel and was wondering if this will work on a ps2? thanks..
  • It will work but some games may not react completely as you like if they have analog control (which the PSOne wheel would not).
  • there is a switch where you can switch between digital and analog. I moved it to analog plug it in and loaded f1 2002, it said no controller found. any ideas?
  • You'll need to stick to digital- the wheels made for PSOne did not have analog control.
  • i am confused it has a switch for either digital or analog? the analog side doesn't work? thanks...
  • Put the switch to digital for the game to recognize the controller. That game did not use analog control so it doesn't "see" the wheel when it is set to analog.
  • ok will try this. when i switch from analog to digital does the ps need to be turned off? sorry for all the questions. thanks..
  • No, you shouldn't have to turn the PS2 off but you can if you like. Won't make much difference either way.
  • it doesn't seem to work in either position. with f1 2002 it says no controller in port 1. none of the up/down/left/right buttons work either. am i missing something to get this to work? anything i can check on? thanks...