• I'm trying to connect my PS2 Slim to the internet so I can play online. I have plenty of ethernet cables. I connect one to teh back of my PS2 and the back of my router. It connect and does everything but when I get to "Authenticating DNS", it says something about can't recieve a response or something and it quits. It gives me an error code and the error code is -611. Can somebody please help me?:( :wacko:
  • Did you use your network set up disc or the routine built into a game to set up the PS2's connection settings? If not you will need to do this first.
  • I do not have a network disk yet sadly.:( I just did the routine w/out the network disk. Do I absolutly need one? :eek:
  • No, you don't necessarily need the network disc if the game disc let you go through the same process as the network set up disc would. However, getting that error would mean that the PS2 isn't able to get at least one of the settings it needs.

    I would suggest deleting the settings off the memory card and try again with the set up, this time putting in as much information as you can manually. This includes things like the router's IP address, the DNS servers and the subnet mask (all of which can be found in the router itself).
  • Thank you! I will try delting it off my memory card again. I always try putting in as much info as possible manually. So im just wondering, but do you have any suggestions?:huh: