What Is Your Favorite Game Genre?
  • My favorite games are RPGs. Role playing games offer a long, enjoyable game for me to play. What about you?
  • I have to say survival horror. There's nothing better than getting a good fright at night. Sure RPG's have a deep story, but RE has the coolest, most kick a$$ storyline ever!
  • I like sports games, but I love rpg's.Nothing's better than solving clues and finding stuff.
  • i picked driveing couse i like raceing games from land to sea to air,cant wait to get stuntman
  • I voted RPG's. They ussualy got great stories, nice FMV's, and take hours, days, maybe even months to finish them. :D
  • I picked RPG because i like to play a game that takes more than a day or two to finish. Plus they usually have good story lines.
  • I voted sports.. with RPG's a close second.. I find that having a bud over and playing some nhl hockey or some soccer a hella good time. We're quite competetive, so its all the better. :)
  • Ok, in order (even though that is a odd concept to my brain)

    1. Sports
    2. Fighting
    3. Action
    4. Survival Horror

    6-10. All the rest. :D
  • I just voted other, because I kinda have to abstain on that one, I don't have a favorite, I like RPGs, I like fighting games, I like driving games, I like RE and games like that, they're all good.
  • RPG all the way. That is what I spend 95% of my time playing.
  • I just love RPGs style games they have interesting FMVs good storyline and I have to agree with drak angel they take not a day or two you play them months or even years!!! :blink: :blink:
  • I like action/adventure games!!!
  • I would have to say - Survival Horror, some of those games actually take a resonable amount of intellect to play! B)
  • my favourite are driving games
  • My favorite are RPG and survival horror but hmmmmm....
    I voted for RPG games, i like games that last but the game span is high.
  • Rpg's Definetly! some strategy games like Tetris, action games are alright, sports are last on my list unless they have to do with Drag Racing. I have already tried playing some EA Sports games like Nascar98 and 2000 and those are very good games.
  • Well, I like many types of games... But I do prefer a good challenging RPG... On a close second place would be Action games, followed by fighting games, and of course the survival horror... And a few driving games, but not much... And I like shooters too...
    Allright it would be easier to say what type of games I dont like... Sport games :)
  • I voted RPG as that I am a big fan of Final Fantasy games, but I also like racing games (think GT3) and Mech games (Armored Core), so I guess Xenogears is a good split between two of my favorite genres...cannot wait for Xenosaga!
  • I said RPG's cos I cant stop playing Final fantasy games. My mom thinks im sick because of playing too much FF7 and is afraid I'll soon start growing big yellow spiky hair! :(
  • I would say my favorite type of game is the kind that one could easily make into a story. RPGs are my favorite because they are basically,to me,like reading a book. B)
  • I voted for RPG because of FF's...but I think there should be more choices that include 2 or more genres, since it's a very subjective choice. I mean, just because I like FF very much, it doesn't mean that at a given time I'm more in to some soccer playing or an action game...tou know mood swings!!! :P
  • I would have to say that my faves are RPG!!!!!! I mean just look at the Final Fantasies...... :D
  • I would say driving, because of the precision, timing, adrenelin-pumping stuff you get with it, and also discovering new tracks and vehicles.

  • rpgs kick a$$ with ace titles like ff offering over 100 hours of game play if played fully but random battles on most rpgs get anoying :angry:
  • Originally posted by Cold Master@Jun 29 2002, 12:44 PM
    Please reply to my topics

    That is an odd genre choice Cold Master.

    My choice is other because I like a good game of any genre except rythym/dance. What I like most of all though is when a game comes out that can't be stereotyped into and one of the genre's. Thats a new idea, very original and hasn't been done before. Its to bad as time goes on the original gems become more rare.
  • RPGs are some of the best out there.
  • RPG... no doubt RPG.. they're the longest games, and also the ones that are long and with something to do...
  • My favorite game is Dance Dance Revolution. (finally a game even I can play) :D and Spyro the dragon because its right now the only game I have at home and I am waiting from my DDR mat. :(
  • Racing is my fav.
  • I voted for RPG because they take a good while to beat and they sometimes have good story lines.
  • Although I like RPG's very much I'd have to say driving just for the rush and excitement i got out of GT2, Driver1 & 2, Colin McRae1 & 2 and other such titles
  • The genre I prefer playing at any given time varies depending on my mood. If I
  • I'm a sucker for a good RPG game
  • I chose other, only because I love all types of games.

    Anything that gives me a challenge and makes me feel entertained.
    I love RPG's because I am not that good at them unless there addictive. And Usually I beat it sooner or later.
    I love FPS because I dont know, I guess we all feel the urge to blow the $hit out of people and things time to time.
    Fighting games are great when you want a little compatition from friends, same goes with FPS.
    Raceing games are fun as well, mabey not simulation games mostly but arcade style fun, like ATV offroad fury. Thats a great racing game and really fun.
    Sports games are even fun to me time to time.
    Music games like dance dance revoultion or frequency, there all fun.
    Tactical esphionage, MGS, who cant have fun sneaking around guys.
    Stradegy games are also fun to me, command and conquer, starcraft, war craft, and even final fantasy Tactics (love that game)
    Anything I leave out? Well if I did then I probablly will like it.

    Im just an all around loving gamer... :D
  • I don't know how i missed this thread for 6 months.... Anyway, for those that don't know already, i am a huge RPG fan. If you ever have trouble choosing an RPG then give me a call and after a bit of subjective questioning, i'll tell you what game you should by and why you should do it. Oh, and also am a huge fan of anime so anime related games(Gungrave and Shinobi are the first to come to mind). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. And i'm still stifled how i overlooked this thread for so long.

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