• I know this is a really stupid question but i have to ask it.... :)

    Have you got a game actually in the PSone when you turn it on?

    I have another question....Is you PSone chipped? If so i can't help you.


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  • Also make sure that the lid to the PSX is completely shut. Sometimes it may look shut and feel shut but you may need to apply a bit of pressure to the lid. Also ER is right, if no game is inserted then the PSX goes to the memory card screen.
  • [i][b]Your laser might be dirty. Did anyone touch the laser?
  • Thanks to all who are trying to help me!
  • Be careful not to use alcohol on the eye as it could damage the circuit board. If even a tiny drop gets on the board it could mess it up pretty bad. I'd say to use a rag, or possibly some canned air.
  • [i][b]If it still wont go to the game, put the Playstation on its side, PS2 style. It should work then.
  • I had this same problem and all I did was clean the lens and it worked I hope it works for you too!!!:)
  • also turning it upside down helps sometimes, but that usually just helps skipping.

    I would use a cd laser cleaner in cd player mode as it is a safe way to clean the laser then insert a game and try again
  • Thanks so much to everyone who tried to help me.