Game got stuck in the machine now it's disappeared?
  • Hi Put Gran Turismo 5 Into my PS3 and it came up with system update.
    Then that failed some sort of error then after that the game dissappeared from under the game menu. What has happened.pls Glen.
  • Try going into the PS3 Game Data folder and delete everything there for Gran Turismo 5 then try running things again. The system should re-install the data it needs as well as have to try re-downloading the game update.
  • do you mean all GT5 Files
  • Sorry what i meant is i cant eject the game Lyndon.
  • It is taking a long time to delete what should I do Lyndon
  • If the disc is stuck in there then I'm afraid you'll have to contact Sony's customer service about repairs- not much we can help with there. :(

    That is normal due to the size of the install the game did, just wait it out and it will finish in a few minutes.
  • should i turn it off if still deleting my Gran Tourismo data. pls help Lyndon
  • NO, do not turn it off. Let the system do its thing and relax for a bit. Then, once its done, give the eject button one more go at getting the disc out. As I mentioned, it will take it some time to delete the files due to the amount of the install it did.

    Once it is done, if you still can't get the disc out you will need to contact Sony in regards to repairs.
  • Ok thanks why is it although the game gets stuck i can still put a cd in the drive.
  • thanks for your help Lyndon.