New PS3 Update To Include Online Saving Via Cloud Storage?
  • Cloud storage is becoming more prevalent these days, and rumors are circulating that this way of saving data may make its way to PS3.

    Sources have informed Kotaku that Sony is spreading the word to developers of a new PlayStation 3 feature that will allow the ability to save games in a "cloud." In other words, instead of keeping game saves on the PS3's hard drive, users can instead upload saves to a server. The plus side? If all saves are tied to a PSN account, it can be used on other PS3's. However, according to Kotaku, the cloud service will only be available to PlayStation Plus members. Also, developers can opt out of including this feature in their games as well.

    Sony will call the feature "Online Saving" and according to the rumor be part of PS3's upcoming firmware update (3.60). Though not confirmed by Sony, sounds like we may finally be getting a system update that will actually be useful.
  • Liking that idea, my launch day PS3 died a few weeks ago and i lost EVERYTHING!!!!!

    This would solve those kind of problems and leave lots of room on your HDD for media stuff (videos, pictures etc)