No picture / startup screen from ps2
  • I've been given an old style ps2, model 30003.
    It will switch on, reset button is red, press it and it goes green.
    The TV receives some kind of signal - it knows that something's plugged into it - but there is no startup screen just a plain black screen. A zero signal screen on my TV is usually blue not black.
    I've put a game in, pressed reset again and still got nothing on the screen. The disc does spin though and the machine appears to be doing something.
    I have tried connecting to the TV with the supplied AV cable and a Euro AV cable, with the same result. I'm in the UK.

    Any help you can offer would be most appreciated!
  • Any ideas folks?
  • If you are sure the tv is set to the right input and channel the problem may be with the output plugs on the PS2. Have you tried it on a second tv to see if things change?
  • Yes, tried it on a second TV this weekend with the same result.
    I've also just been told the unit was originally shipped for the continental european market (Italy) - would that make any difference?
    Thank you!
  • Yes, this would make a difference. Italy, I believe, uses a different television standard than the UK. This would make the output non-readable to your tv using standard definition methods.

    You may want to try using component if you have a high-def set and the cables.
  • Ahhhh...

    You have probably got to the bottom of it there.
    Thank you for the help!