Which system do you prefur?
  • i would prefur playstation 2 and all sony products.!!!
  • Given that this is a Playstation forum - i wonder what the majority of people might say? Hhhhmmmmmmm

    Isn't there also a console called the GameCube, or was that just a rumour?
  • oh well i might of left out a couple

    P.S. to see if people in this forum are really playstation people!!
  • Well, of course I said PS2.
  • Playstation 2 of course.

  • It was such a hard choice i started to sweat, but with a lot of thinking i had to go with X...X...Playstation 2. [PHEW!!]

    This must be one of the best polls ever, especially with it being posted on a Playstation board.
  • Game Cube, why that rumor is as silly as the one about there being countries outside of the USA, some peeps in here need to get their facts straight!
  • Here we go with this USA thing again, where is this town 'USA' ? I'd like to go there some time and check it out (thats if it is not a rumor of course)

    And whats with this g g g ga g game, aaa stuf it I'll go for the obvious choice........PS2 (did I spell that correctly ?)
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

    PS2! :2silly:
  • :2devilish: GAMEBOY!!!! .......(gets hit with various thrown objects).....ps2! :laugh3:
  • This poll is really better suited for The Bar,I'd say.

    PS2 gets my vote! :thumbsup:
  • I would perfer the sony playstation 2 because this is a playstation you know?
  • this topic is just a fun one to see who really is playstation fans :laugh:

    p.s. lyndon i couldnt find it till i looked here
  • what is a ps2...that's a rumor too right? I guess I'll have to pick the atari...(comes back to reality) wait...PS2!!!hell yeah
  • Well after long hours of thought I picked... (damn, which one did I pick... I know I have one of them around here... digs around in basement... oh yeah PS2. What does that stand for again?) PS2 will be the best system 'till the PS3 come out.

    Sorry, hope that doesn't start another PS3 is coming out this summer threads.
  • Well after a lot of thought I had an idea
  • Will you guys lay off the dude?Its not like you had to answer.He asked a simple question.All you had to do was answer it,not completely diss him.

    Anyways,mine would have to be PS2,cause the dvd upgrade is free,and the discs dont get lost in the palm of your hand,if you know what I mean.

    VANDAMINATOR.........what ever happened to that move anyways?
  • its ok its just a dumb fun poll :)
  • HaHa take that X-BOX sony rule (but oficial components are a bit pricey) :laugh:
  • I like the PS2 best!! Theres nothing in the X-box that really stands out, its all been done before, so what if the grafixs are better the gameplay hasn't changed from the titles they copied from! X-box is not the console of choice, its a pc, since most people own a pc anyway who needs an X-box?
  • Let's see............ playstation forum playstaion gamers........ I say ps2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well...Ps2 majority.....PS2 0wNzZ All.....
  • Yes, i voted PS2 but if the Xbox had the games that i wanted then it would have my vote as it is the better system. Now, i am in no way dissing Sony because it's an awesome system but right now their system isn't the best one, specs-wise on the market right now. If the game developers took advantage of the Xbox's potential then i may be swayed to get more games on it. One reason why i voted that i said i was going to play FFXI on the Xbox is because i think Square can make it better with the system. I do plan on keeping the PS2 and getting a PS3 as Sony will continue to be at the top of the gaming industry for awhile. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • i would have to say psone because it's the only one i have played and the only one i own!
  • Well ummm...let me think.
  • Originally posted by madhtr@Apr 13 2002, 02:08 AM
    [b] Now, i am in no way dissing Sony because it's an awesome system but right now their system isn't the best one, specs-wise on the market right now. . Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:


    But all the pictures on back of the game boxes look the same to me!

    I voted PS1- the quality of titles produced for this platform shine brightest compared to other systems
  • i voted for playstation 2.couse ya cant go wrong w/ sony!!!
  • I agree with that mikey :) playstation all the way!!! :D
  • I picked the ps2 as the best system, as this is a playstation site aj. The ps2
    will keep on rocking the gaming world as the leader of the gaming industry.
  • You know whats making me laugh is how bill gates boasted of his consol being the best one out and no consol could manage the games the x-box can do! I am sorry billy-boy, but you been proven wrong the games that you said were x-box xclusives are coming to the ps2! Oh how you will cry and we the might ps2 fanbase will laugh at your poor steelweight (its too heavy to be a paperweight, isn't?)!
  • I hope they come out with Halo for PS2 now that game I can agree with dont care if you have to play X-Box top play that game BTW PS2 is still the best
  • Give me PS2 anyday of the week, Yes I still have my PS1 (looks in the corner and sheds a tear, So many Memories) but you can't beat the fact that I can play all of my great PS1 titles on my PS2.

    I would also say PS2 for one reason only if it came down to it GTA3. :D
  • He, He!!!!!! PLAYSTATION 2 RULES!!!!!!...the votes should be at 100%!!!!!
  • Its obvious Playstation 2 is the best console!
    although xbox got the speed, there are no many games
    in that console.
  • the only "good"game would be to me Halo ;)
  • Well,as expected the PS2 won by a landslide (was there any doubt :lol: ).As we have a clear cut opinion here now as to which is the preferred system and the posts have gone away from the voters explaining their choices I'll be closing this thread.
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