• when i set up my ps3 for wired connection it did work , but when i set it up for wireless , it detected the signal, gave me a nat type 2 connection as well, but when i clicked on the browser there was no internet connection..also i couldnt sign in to psn...plz help lyndon M
  • With the wireless you may need to set up some extra bits such as port forwarding (we have the ports listed in the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread).
  • ohk i have tried tht too from portforward.com but tht too did not work...damn...i wanna throw my ps3 now!!
  • Port Forward's instructions don't list all of the ports needed. You'll see all of the ports required listed in the thread I mention. We do still link to them to help guide but I recommend using their steps for far enough to get to the right spot in the router to add the ports. After that, make sure you have all that we list added and not just them.
  • ty for the help ...but it did not work :( i set up a static ip address on the ps3 and added all the ports but an error keeps coming up (8001000a)...
  • That code actually has nothing to do with the connection but more with use of an external drive, saying a drive that was connected was pulled off too soon or not plugged in properly.

    You may want to open the hard drive hatch and make sure the drive is fully connected and, if you do have an external drive on there, make sure it is fully connected as well.
  • ok i gave up on port forward....i tried dmz...cud connect for 30 seconds and then the green indicator on the ps3 goes off?!?!?!