Old PS2 game I can't remember...
  • There was this game, like back before 2006 I think, and I keep thinking it has Chronicles in the title, but I don't know.
    It starts off with this girl with pinky-red hair, and you're in a castle and it's stormy outside I think. You start fighting these suits of armour type things, then get to a room where her father is dead on the floor and a strange man smiles and steps into a portal and disappears.
    And then you get to the boy's story. You're at his grandfather's work/house or something, and you want tickets for a circus? You have to fix a vacuum cleaner or some crud like that too, and then you get to see the circus.
    You overhear something you're not supposed to, random huge spider-like clown thing starts chasing you down the street. You hide in the sewers.
    I think you're in the sewers for a while and you keep going back or something. That's pretty much all I remember but if you have any idea what I'm on about, wow, and can you tell me the name?

    I know this is fairly hopeless but yeah haha.
  • This may not be it but the closest i could find is Spectral Force Chronicle, a game that was only released in Japan. Here's the cover:


    Not really much info to go on unless you can remember something like the company that published it.
  • Nah it's not that but thanks for trying haha. And I that's pretty much all I can remember I think. Fairly hopeless, yeah.