Problems PS3 Internet Connection
  • I've found that setting up a reserve IP address in the router for the PS3 and adding it to the PS3's settings helps as well. You can do this using the PS3's MAC Address, found in the System Information portion of System Settings on the PS3.
  • Still a little unclear on the MAC address as to how to create a reserve IP, just wanna make sure we're on the same page, i currently do not own a router, have a modem only and the router is being shipped should be arriving in the next couple of days. Just wondering if its still possible to connect with modem only. Contacted ISP and Sony several times and they are drawing a blank. Talked to my ISP (comcast) about possibly opening ports they said they're unable to do so, after the internet connection fails the suggestion link at the bottom says to type in my PPPoE but comcast says they dont use that or a proxy. Tried everything from a diff ethernet cable (will need it when I get the router anyway so i thought I would try) to power cycling to changing DNS to dissabling Media Server Connection. If I'm not mistaking this is the first time I am connecting to the internet with this system. Model CECHG01, Modem is a Motorola SB5120 if that helps.
    Thanks Lyndon
  • Yes, you should be able to get a connection directly from the modem with little issues. I gave that suggestion about reserving a MAC Address as I thought you had a router in place (as most do to share the connection between computer and PS3- you never did mention this being a direct hook up).

    The DNS should be the exact same as what you would currently have on the PC as these come from the internet provider. Check with Comcast again about particular settings to put in for the area I mentioned before as well as if they are using a static or dynamic IP address system- if using static you could get that address from them and add that to the PS3 settings as well.
  • Spoke with ISP and turns out they are on a dynamic system was only able to get an IP address. Will fill in the blanks and ill keep you updated.
  • Still no change IP address succeeds but the internet connection fails, tried the IP comcast gave me and just about everything else so I might just wait for the router and go from there. If you have any other suggestions when you get a chance I'd love to hear them.
  • I can access online gaming for some PS3 games with no problems. I am trying to do the same with Fifa11 and I keep losing connection when I try to enter a game. If I sort users in online Fifa11 by connection level I can see that I only have one bar out of 3.

    I have a wireless connection and the connectivity is 100% (have also used wired and no change).

    I have forwarded all relevant additional ports that i got from the Fifa11 manual.

    Any ideas much appreciated?
  • Hi

    When I try to play online at any game the internet connection on everything in the house goes to only "local"

    Help please
  • You'll need to do some tweaking in your router's settings to set up a reserved IP address for your PS3, ElMaco.

    Go into the PS3's Settings menu to System Settings, then to System Information. Write down the MAC Address listed in here. You'll then need to go into your router to where you can set up a white list of allowed devices or to reserve an IP address (varies from router to router so check the manual on that one). Once that's done just edit the PS3's connection to include that same IP address.
  • how do i get in to the router ?
  • i can get connection to the ps3 but goes to local after 20 minutes

    i have played on the same network before and it worked
  • As I have no clue what router you have I'll suggest you check out the link to Port Forward in the "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips" thread. Just select the router, click on the PlayStation Network in the list that comes up and they will show how to get into the settings and how to enter in the port numbers (just be sure to enter in alll the ports we list and not just them- their instructions miss a number of them).
  • Hi my real name is jack & im having problems with sighing up for PSN :( because i need 2 perform update ver 3.60 & i need 2 do it via the internet. I have a router that is giving me 75% signal strength and it is taking it forever to do it(the update). The farthes its gotten is 35% (the download) and after that the error happens where it cannot connect. Please help us were desprate we even put aluminum foil behind the router pointig in the dirrection of our ps3, plz respond soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would suggest going to Sony's site and download the update to your computer. You can then transfer it to a USB thumb drive and update the PS3 that way. Once it is downloaded you just need to make a couple of folders on the thumb drive. Name the first PS3 and, in this, make a second called UPDATE. The downloaded update file goes into the UPDATE folder.

    You'll want to try getting the system closer to the router in future to get a stronger signal 9or look into a replacement if this one is getting old). Not sure where you got the aluminum foil idea but I can't see that having any effect.
  • For some reason, my PS3 ethernet port seems big. The rj45 jack is very loose inside the port, and is difficult for the internet connect. Once I finally get the green light, it'll stay connected as long as I don't move it. However, if I ever get it connected and test the connection, the light goes off. So, I just wiggle the jack until I get the light, leave it alone and play as long as I want. Any Suggestions???
  • Sounds like the ethernet cable is the culprit- may want to pick up a different brand.
  • Hi im having problems with my IP adress , my ps3 cant obtain the IP adress by an internet connection test
  • For situations like this I recommend setting up an IP address for the PS3 in the router. You do this using the PS3's MAC Address. Once that is set up edit in that IP address into the PS3's connection settings.
  • Not sure if the ethernet cable is the problem. When plugged into the laptop, to works fine. Could there be some problem w/ the port?

    What's the possibility of plugging in another wireless router to the ethernet cable? Would that work?

    The reason being, the house I live in is a rental home of my grandparents directly behind their house. The wireless signal isn't strong enough, therefore the reason for the ethernet.
  • The cable shouldn't be any where lose in the port, it's designed to be just the right size. Sounds like your cable may have a smaller jack than it should on the end.

    As for boosting the wireless, what you would want is a repeater (preferably the same brand as your grandparents' router). These can be had any place selling computer equipment.
  • Virgin are working for xbox so they crashed are network :o

    It is so unfair.:frown:
  • hi i have problems connecting to the playstation network even though i can connect to the internet on my playstation can i please get some help? is it that my ps3 is broken and i need someone to repair it or can i fix it myself?

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