Final Fantasy 13 Boss Battle Guide
  • We will be adding a complete guide to beating all of the bosses within Final Fantasy 13 later this week.
  • I have tried beating the Brynhilder boss in Chapter 8 with Syth and Vanille using tide turner and duelcasiting. I have had no success and stuck in the game due to this. I have tried numerous time's with no success. Any suggestions?
  • Raise the gauge by doing combos once its max push square to end the fight, it has a weakness to every element except fire so use what works, overall a moderate battle to win.

    You can also try to spam buffs (it seems to enjoy seeing this done to other party members) until you're just repeating yourself, and then switch to a damage Paradigm. Heal when necessary, and spam more buffs if they run out.
  • how do i beat the #6 eidolin