Blur (PS3) Comments
  • Let's hear what you have to say about Activision and Bizarre Creation's Blur, out on May 25 for the PS3!
  • I have it and i love it. It's like need for speed/project gothem racing with mario kart items, but blur makes it interesting by not making the pick ups random and by letting you hold and cycle through 3. There are 8 power ups and the online is 20 cars to a race which can get absolutely chaotic. The sound in the game is also very good, if you have any kind of bass this game sounds like the transformers movies, and the items really feel like they have impact. I know I've caught myself flinching after getting shunted or fully bolted lol Anyways great game! highly recommend to any racing/kart fan, also makes a great party game with 4 player split screen (yes you can do split screen and race with more computer players). Add me up for some races!

    psn - Sodukos
  • I think there is to much play into it. A real race to me is with no extra powers