PS3 Cant obtain an ip address
  • Hello,

    I need help with my PS3 console. I either get cant obtain ip address or it times out. I have also received a connection error has occurred (8013013D). I have a Netgear router (NETGEAR - N300 Wireless-N Router with Gigabit
    Model: WNR3500L-100NAS) and a Motorolla modem ( Motorola - SURFboard eXtreme Broadband Cable Modem). I have a two story home. I have the PS3 up on the second floor in back and modem and router are on the first floor in the front. I get a 50% connection but unable to get a ip address. It times out.
    I use tomatoe software for netgear router. I know it's the modem or router because I used the wifi from my phone and can get an ip address and connnected. The connection for that is 100%

    Any help will greatly be appreciated it.


  • Plain and simple, 50% is no where strong enough to get a good connection on the PS3. You'll need to get the router and PS3 closer together to get a stronger signal, use ethernet cable or get a repeater to be in between the two to relay the signal.

    At any rate, PSN is still down so you still wouldn't be able to get any online gaming in. Haven't heard any more updates on that but, when we do, we'll have it posted in the announcement stuck to the top of each forum section.
  • Any suggestions on a good repeater? I don't know which one will be good to buy?
  • Considering you are using a Netgear router currently it would likely be best to keep to the same brand name. I wouldn't know off-hand which one to suggest but you may want to check with a local store selling computer stuff for suggestions.