• I am struggling to connect my psp to my modem as i need to update it its on update version 3.40.
    I have downloaded the update onto my pc and transfered it to my psp but it says this game can not be started
    please help
  • You may not have the update file in the folders correctly. You should have a folder called PSP on the stick and, inside this, another called UPDATE. The firmware update file goes in here- if it isn't the PSP can't read it.

    Something may have happened during the download as well, causing a small loss of the data and corrupting it. Delete it off the stick and your PC then try a re-download from Sony's site.
  • inside the psp file i have 4 folders system, saved data,game, common i have looked in these folders cant find one that says update
  • You add this folder yourself when you put the memory card into your computer or hook up to it via USB. Once in the PSP folder just right click and select "New" then "Folder". Name it UPDATE and hit enter then drag the update file into here.
  • all sorted thanks for your help