need help on god of war 2
  • I want to know if there is a way to get in the temple with the doors that turn you into stone. I also got past cyclops and went into next area and ther is a room you drop down in with two buttons to open doors. you can break wall to the left and the right and put a body on the button in the center of the room after that i am lost.:eek:
  • I'm trying to figure out exactly which level you are into with these but can't quite get there. Could you tell me the names of the levels?
  • Are you in Euryale heading for the Golden Fleece?

    First, you must pull the right lever to lower the bars to a dead man's alcove. Once in there, attack the breakable wall to reveal a stream of water. Kill the Undead that appear and then pick up the dead body and drop it into the stream. It will float away out of sight.

    Next go over to the switch in the left alcove and break through the wall behind it. There you'll find that same stream of water you dropped the dead body into.

    When the body floats by, grab it and put it on the alcove switch. Then, you can stand on the main switch and lower the gate in front of you to escape.
  • thank you Chris I was in Eurayle and I am now out of that room.
  • at the temple of euryale ,cant figure out how to get threw the door with the glowing eyes that turn you in to stone
  • After you have defeated Cerebrus (the 3 headed dog) you should have received a shield- use this to reflect the beam back at the door and destroy it.
  • im at the temple of euryale,at the temple door that turns you in to stone with glowing eyes, how do you enter or pass
  • Randl, I just answered you with that last post. :P
  • whent back killed serabus the dog, didnt get the shield
  • do you pick up shield when you kill serabus the dog or is it a combination move
  • you do get it back if done correctly
  • When you kill the 3 headed dog do you get tbe shield then