Problems connection to internet protected by password
  • Hi,

    I am currently staying in a holliday home with cable internet. The modem is protected by a username and password, which is not adjustable by me. I don't have any administration rights (as it isn't my modem).

    When I want to connect to internet I am forwarded on my laptop to where I have to type in my username and password. After that I am able to go on the internet.

    Now I want to connect my PS3 to the internet... But... How? I have tried everything, but I cannot get connected to the internet. I am able to get an IP adress, but that it!

    Thanks for helping me!

    Regards, Sebas
  • It would be best to get whoever does have the admin rights to the modem/ router to tweak settings on the router to allow your PS3 online. If that is not possible you could try turning on "internet connection sharing" on your computer and connect the PS3 to your computer via ethernet cable. A Google search for the term along with your computer's operating system ("internet connection sharing" +XP would work if your computer runs Windows XP) will find lots of pages as to how this is done.
  • Thanks! It works! I shared my internet connection on my laptop.

    I have connected my PS3 to my laptop and my laptop is wireless connected to the modem. Excellent!

    Now I just have to wait till the Store gets online...

    Thanks again!