What sorta game makes you tick?
  • There are so many cool games nowadays... I wonder if I'm missing out when my interest limits my choice :huh: Like, I've only tried once racing game, Grand Turisma I think, never lasted more than an hour. And shooting games... they're left on shelf for collecting dust after impulse purchases. (Except ME2) On other hand, fantasy rpg like Oblivion, DA definitely get me going :) replay and replay :p
    A tad curious... if anyone has a fair love for all games, whatever genre? :o
  • I personally prefer shooters (like most gamers) BUT! Games like Infamous massive sandboxes just get a special place in my heart. Infamous , for me, has a great replay value. I just keep on going back to it, and only recently have I bored of it.
  • Well i would have to say racing is my favorite genre, but i love RPGs and oh my gosh sandbox games are the best thing since sliced bread. Just Cause 2 is probably the best sandbox you can pick up at the moment IMO.
  • Two of my favorites are RPG's and sandboxes.....love them both!