Medal Of Honor: Frontline
  • I just rented this game for the ps2 and I was very dissapointed with it.
    Sure the graphics were good, but the game play was all out afwul. You can't even see the person
    your playing(sorted like a james bond type game).You get killed way to fast. I know some of you
    like it, but I don't. what do you think of this game?
  • ''Get killed too fast''?
    Doesn't seem you're at all good at this game.

    ''game play was all out afwul''
    It just takes some getting use to but don't most games?

    ''You can't even see the personyour playing''
    Did you not know it was a FPS before you rented it?

    As you can probably tell by now i love the game, all out action all the way through and it gets your heart pumping especially the first mission.

    Give it time, it will grow on you.

    Masterman, go here and see other members views on the game.
  • Yes, FPSs aren't for everyone, specially not me....not sure why. I never was good at them....It may because i get frustrated fairly all senses though i won't give any FPS my attention. I haven't played this title and don't plan on it. I will close this thread. If anyone else has an opinion on this title then please go to the thread that ER linked in his post. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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