• I have been playing road to glory on ncaa 2012 football and when i finish each of my highschool games it says " the servers are currently unavailable. Stats have not been reported to the server. This will not count towards your school." why are servers unavailable and when will they be available. please help
  • That's the beauty of technology- it's great when it works. Nothing new for a game server to be having an issue once in a while. Give it a try at another time and it should work with no problem- they may have had some unexpected maintenance to do.

    If it does happen continually, though, you would want to contact EA to advise them of the problems.
  • thanks lyndon, you are very helpful, it has done it multiple times, and when i play road to glory it says every few games that my ethernet cable is disconnected and im offline, except my cable is connected, and this game will freeze after i play a few road to glory games, you said about contacting ea, how do i do that, do you have a address i can email them or a phone number.
  • Contact details are in the manual that came with the game. ;)