Do you sell you games after you play them?
  • As the headline states, do you sell or trade your old games once you have played them, or do they become a permanent part of your gaming collection?
  • It truly depends on the game. If I just can't enjoy them at all anymore, I sell them. But if I enjoyed it, and can still enjoy it. I keep the game. Plenty of my games are great fun for me, so I have quite the library.
  • I chose "No", even though i feel like i should have chosen "Depends on the game." The reason being is that even though i beat a game fairly quick sometimes and it has no further replay value, i still find the game worth more than what i can sell it for. I have, on few occasions, sold games, but those were god awful, made from the toilet kind of games. Though sort of contradicting what i have just said, im actually in the process of selling most of my games now. All of these new awesome looking games coming out later in the year and early next year have convinced me to sell my old ps3 games so i can have enough money to purchase the new ones coming out. i have around 35 games and im probably going to sell off 15-20. It sucks not making a lot of money.
  • I totally agree with the part of selling some to buy others. I only wish I had as many ps3 games. What did you think of any of the socom games made for ps3. I didn't like confrontation much. I pawned it cause I didnt have time to go through the set up on the game, but the tournements seemed cool from what few of them i got to enjoy. My kids and family play mostly Call of duty games now. We have all the playstation console game systems. Still play on all of them.
  • I chose Depends on the game ;) .
  • I find it very hard to part with my games after having played them. Since most of the games I play are RPGs, there's always the aspect that I could play through it again. I think there's only been one game I've traded in for a new game, but both of those were for Gameboy.
  • Being a hoarder I hang onto all my games. Nostalgia with many including Vagrant Story which still sits in my DVD/Games cabinet. Tend to hang on to some like heirlooms lol
  • It depends. The games I would sell would be games that I don't play anymore, games I realized I don't like after I bought and played them, games given to me as gifts that I don't like, and games that I don't have time to learn how to play. Otherwise, if I like them, they are in my collection no matter how old they are.