ps3 does not read ntfs drives
  • is there anyway to get the ps3 to read my maxtor one touch external drive which is ntfs

    also when i copied the same file on a pen drive and connected it to the ps3 it read the file

    thanking all in advance
  • The PS3 can only read external drives that are formatted to the FAT32 file system- you would have to reformat that drive to FAT32before it can see anything on there. It doesn't change the actual files but the way the files are stored.

    The external drive would not be able to save games, install downloads, etc.- it is just available as a storage area for videos, music, photos, game save copies, etc.
  • thanks lyndon

    but after reading on the net i partioned the drive using swissknife and formatted about 14gb as fat32 and the balance to ntfs i am currently using a 250 gb maxtor one touch 4 mini external hard drive

    the ps3 displayed it for appx 5-6 sec and then it dissappeared this happened the 1st time i plugged it in to the ps3 after that i never saw it

    any thoughts what i should do to

  • It's probably doing that because it sees the main NTFS partition and basically says, "I ain't touchin that!". You will have to have the entire drive in FAT32 for it to work properly.
  • lyndon,

    after pondering and fiddling i finally found out the problem it was the cord that i was using it worked fine with laptop but not with the ps3 i tried the cord that came originally with it which was much sorter in length and thicker

    hence the 1st cord was longer and not feeding it with the full 5volt required
    maybe the reason the ps3 reconized the drive for a few sec and then vanished due to lack of consistent required power

    thanks once again for all your prompt replies

    now i have to sit and sort the issue with the ps3 not connecting my router and enabling my wma


  • PS3 only reads my USB when it's in the FAT32 format, however! when in this format the maximum size of any single data you can transfer onto your USB is 4GB useless when I'm trying to transfer Bluray from my PC to my PS3 each bluray is atleast 4.5GB and being more than 4GB i can only transfer this data onto my USB when it's in NTFS format (which my PS3 WON'T READ)

    what can I do!!??
  • The PS3 was designed to just use FAT 32 for external hard drives. You'll have to settle for playing the blu-ray discs in the PS3 (which it was designed for in the first place ;) ).