Getting back online issues
  • Hi Everyone needing some help as I'vd been going bonkers.
    Recap I was previously living where I had a cable internet connection, I had my internet running through a Dlink DIR601 router than Wired to the PS3 and had zero issues and full capabilities, the Router was also running a wireless connection to the Lap Top.
    I have now moved to a rural area and had to get internet via a Wireless connection, the connection of wired directly to the laptop works fine but I cannot get the router (even wired) to bring the signal through to the laptop.
    Ive tried resetting back to factory defualts and start fresh but no luck.
    The Playstation wired directly works but I had first recieved DNS error message 80710102 after doing some reading I found a fix which had me manually input DNS codes, this works and I can sign into the playstation network and browse but I cannot play any online games.
    When I test the connection I get a NAT Failed error code 80130203, question is How can I change the NAT if its not hooked up to a router at this time ? Also not sure if this helps but on MW3 the sign in lobbies informs me that the NAT is at Strict and to change the rounter setting which is why I assume it will not let me Join any games.
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated !
  • First off, I would go into the router settings and disable the firewall if turned on. Being in a more rural area you may not need it as much to keep others from mooching your connection. Other than that, you may need to have a re-do of your port forwarding.

    We list the PSN ports needed for most games in the pinned thread at the top of this section called "getting Your PS3 Online - Some Tips". Be sure to check the MW3 manual as well as some games also use a cusom port on top of what is normally needed.
  • Hey guys bit of an update Ive been able to get the Router up and working on the lap top and have the PS wired to it as well, have turned DMZ off and there is no additional settings or ports required by the game itself. Still recieving NAT Failed .....
  • Might need to give the router and modem a power cycle to make sure all is as it should be. Unplug the power to both for about 30 seconds then plug in the modem. Once it shows all running normally plug the router power back in.

    If this doesn't work then you may want to turn the DMZ back on and put the PS3's IP address in there. This will put the system outside the firewall of the router and should be able to connect.
  • Ive power cycled the router a few times no diff and the IP address for the PS had been set as well. Could it be something with the actual IP ? I appreciate the help and ideas !
  • By "IP set" are you talking already in the DMZ in the router or just reserved? If you have the IP address reserved for the PS3 put that address into the DMZ as well.
  • Yes the IP for the Playstation is set in the DMZ window as well, found new information on correct ports to have open on the router as well for the game to function correctly but still cannot get this damn NAT to open or even past failed for that matter.....
  • Afraid I don't have much else to offer for help- it sounds like you may want to re-check those ports you have opened as it may be that one or more are still closed.Depending on how old the router is you might need to look into an upgrade.
  • Thanks the only issue I have is that why would it have worked fine before and if it was a router issue why does it not connect fully when just being directly wired from the internet connection ?