No/poor signal when playing game from disc
  • Hello

    I have an issue with my ps3 and before I head down to the shop to buy a new one I thought I'd get an opinion from the most destiguished and knowledgable game community to ever have existed. :D

    Here is the set up:
    Last week I made an attempt of hooking up my PS3 to a computer monitor after having purchased a long hdmi cable, a hdmi to dvi converter and a bluetooth earpiece. Unfortunately and to my great surprise I was unable to get a signal on the monitor even though I made sure to switch input as well as reset ps3 output signal (by applying the 5 sec beep-press start method).

    Somewhat disappointed I re-plugged the console to the tv.
    The menu pop as per usual but when I startthe game, I get a distortion. Red dots and line (static) appear all over the screen and the image quality in general is somewhat lacking, and the signal comes and goes.
    I tested different 3 hdmi cable with variations in result ranging from no picture at all to little less static. After a while the problem escalated and no there is no image at all.

    Analogue connection gives signal and any game stored on HD works without any loss of signal via hdmi. Only games running from disc are having this problem.

    My guess is that I've damaged the port on the ps3 (I've tried different hdmi ports on the tv) or maybe some graphic hardware in the console.
    But as said, before running off to buy a new one I appreciate you opinion on this matter.
  • Dang, man- long time no see! :) get over here more often!

    Considering the issue is just with games on disc it seems like an issue with the drive's connection to the board being flaky and causing the video problems. After all, if it was the port the downloaded games would have the same issues. I think you'll be in the market for a new system, a feeling i know all too well about. (RIP 20 GB wonder) :(
  • Nice to see you again Lyn. It's been well long since my last visit.
    As much as I'd love to hang out here on APi more frequently I just don't seem to have the same amount of spare time as I used to...
    Maybe I'll drop a line in the welcome back section, just to update anyone who might be interested in my persona.

    Picked up a new (uglier) 32 gb system last night, and it's working as a charm. Now I just need to spend a week downloading data.
    My boy has rearranged the furniture in his room to make room for the old console and the new tv he is assuming I'll buy him (I'm not so sure about that set up thought).